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Trenton Thunder Ballpark

One Thunder road (aka Cass Street)

Trenton, NJ 08611

IMPORTANT gps NOTE: If utilizing a GPS machine to find the stadium, you might need to get in our neighbor"s address: "50 Riverview Plaza". No all GPS devices contain our deal with of "One Thunder Road".

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All basic parking in ~ Trenton Thunder Ballpark is $5.00. (CASH ONLY)

Parking too many are situated in former of the ballpark, in the parking garage close to Cooper’s Riverview, and throughout Rt. 29. Those fans with booked Parking Passes may park in the lot behind the ballpark. A prepaid parking pass is forced for this area.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no $5 parking in the booked lot behind the outfield fence ~ above nights as soon as there room fireworks.

Please note the complying with lots are only obtainable when needed: Apex lot located on Cass St. And also Rt. 129. There is a cost-free shuttle from this lot as soon as it is in use for Thunder games.

Public transport


The flow LINE provides company south come Camden and also north to the Trenton Rail Station. At the Trenton Rail Station, pan can attach with the NJ TRANSIT Northeast Corridor Line through stops including Newark and brand-new York.

Take the flow LINE to the Cass Street stop. Overcome over route 129 and continue walking down Cass Street. The ballpark will certainly be straight ahead four blocks down.

NJ TRANSIT Northeast Corridor Line

Take the Northeast Corridor heat to the Trenton stop situated on southern Clinton Avenue. Native Trenton station take the river LINE one prevent south come Cass Street and follow accuse above. Or you have the right to click here because that the phone number of regional cab service providers to take you from Trenton station to the ballpark.


Take the train to the Trenton terminal on south Clinton Avenue, available on most Amtrak routes. Indigenous Trenton terminal take the flow LINE one protect against south to Cass Street and also follow instructions above. Or you deserve to click here for the phone number of local cab carriers to take it you indigenous Trenton station to the ballpark.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some gamings (notably weekday games) may end up after the final Cass Street Station departure of the evening. Be certain to inspect the schedule before traveling come the stadium.


From path 1 South/Northern brand-new Jersey

Route 1 southern to route 129, South vast St./Chambersburg exit. Take path 129 south to the second light (Cass St.). Turn ideal onto Cass St. West. Walk through 3 lights and ballpark is on the left.

From route 295 North/Southern new JerseyFrom new Jersey Turnpike departure 7A

Take interstate 195 West toward Trenton to course 29 North. Remain left and also follow indications for 29 North/Capitol Complex/ Lambertville. Ballpark is ~ above left after ~ exiting tunnel.

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From path 1 North/Pennsylvania

Interstate 95 north to path 1 north (Morrisville exit). Take the an initial exit in new Jersey (immediately ~ toll bridge for john Fitch Way) for course 29. Take route 29 South and also follow indications for parking (ballpark is ~ above right).