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100 Walco Lane, Malvern, AR, 72104

Ark. State prison - Ouachita flow Unit inmate locator: short article Date, Age, Bond, Liens and Judgments, Bookings, Who"s in jail, Mugshots, Agency, release Date, Inmate List, cabinet Location, Arrests, Status, Warrant #, received Date, Booking Date, Aliases, fee Information.

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Ark. State prison – Ouachita flow Unit is situated in Malvern, Arkansas. The basic is the greatest security prison that residences probably the many solidified lawbreakers in the state. This office is appraised in ~ a border of 632 grown-up masculine prisoners, however customarily stop more, the present tally is something close come 632 wrongdoers.

Ark. State jail – Ouachita flow Unit has an isolation unit for detainees who become hard to oversee or have wellbeing/security concerns, and also manages a basic satellite office situated in the upper east piece the the state. Instructive jobs at this office allow detainees to procure a grown-up basic training and GED, and offer wrongdoers the chance to take college courses.

Professional projects offered at this office incorporate vehicle fix, custodial upkeep, welding, and also agriculture. Ark. State prison – Ouachita flow Unit an in similar way takes an interest in the prison ventures permitting detainees to job-related in a modern-day setting producing custom woodwork, different metal items, cleaning items, and signage.

Inmate mailing Address

Inmate Name, ID, housing # Ark. State jail - Ouachita river Unit 100 Walco Lane, Malvern, AR, 72104

Ark. State prison – Ouachita river Unit jail Information

Inmate Search

that is much easier than at any other time to perform a detainee scan for every detainees in the Ark. State jail - Ouachita flow Unit. The Ark. State prison - Ouachita flow Unit is worked by the Arkansas Branch the Adjustments. The Arkansas Branch that Adjustments has a database open to the general population directly on their official site to query detainees in the Ark. State prison - Ouachita flow Unit.

To effectively look through the database framework, you will need the prisoners an initial and last surname or the detainees Arkansas DC number.

Sending a Mail/Care Package

All mail have to be conveyed by us Postal Assistance. If mail is sent by one more messenger, it will certainly be won"t.

Prisoners will not be permitted to gain normal letter in boxes, cushioned envelopes, plastic sacks, multi-layer bundling, envelopes the incorporate steel parts, any bundle containing balloon wrap or pressing peanuts, or map stock sort envelopes (for instance U.S. Mail require or U.S. Letter Express cardboard sort).

Sending Money

The Ark. State prison - Ouachita flow Unit provides the popular service called JPay for your inmate money needs. What is JPay you ask? JPay is a organization where you, the loved one of an inmate deserve to send one inmate money end the web, end the phone, or at pick locations.

Phone calls

The Arkansas DOC contracts through Securus technologies for their calling needs.

The Securus Innovations costs $0.04 every minute for ar calls and also $0.14 every minute for lengthy separation calls.

All calls space observed. Three-way calling isn"t allowed.

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To satisfy all needs for an appearance friend should initially be on your detainee"s endorsed appearance list. Visiting hrs are weekends, Fridays, and also Mondays and also Occasions between 10:30am-7:30pm.