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The city Museum of arts inNew York Cityis one of the world's most an extensive collections that treasures, v a arsenal that spans all continents and centuries. Its galleries incorporate fine arts, decorate arts, building façades, and even an entire Egyptian temple. The museum's front steps are a favorite site for sitting and watching the world pass by on 5th Avenue.

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Best and also worst time to walk to the metropolitan Museum that ArtThe Met have the right to become an extremely crowded, specifically during the winter vacation season, despite you'll always find breath room if you roam to the the furthest galleries. Shot visiting during the extended evening hrs on Friday and also Saturday, when the group thins somewhat.Must see/do at the metropolitan Museum the ArtThe holy place of Dendur, transported indigenous Egypt as soon as the Aswan Dam to be built, is a highlight of the museum's Egyptian collection, which additionally includes mummies and statuary. The extensive collection that Greek and Roman art contains sculptures and also exquisitely painted vases. The repertoire of european paintings consists of masterworks native the medieval, Renaissance, and more recent eras, with works by Titian, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh, among other famous artists.Admission come the metropolitan Museum the ArtThe urban Museum of Art has a suggested admission price of roughly $25 because that adults, with reduced prices because that seniors and also students, however visitors are totally free to pay whatever they wish. Unlike numerous other museums, the Met does not charge extra for special exhibits. Over there is an audio guide easily accessible for an extra fee.Parking and also public transportation to the urban Museum that ArtThere is parking easily accessible at the Metropolitan, however given its ar in Manhattan, acquisition public transport is easier and less stressful. Countless buses stop near the museum, and also the Lexington avenue subway is walking distance away.Food at the metropolitan MuseumThe museum has a cafeteria downstairs and a table-service restaurant through views of main Park. The Roof Garden Café and also Martini Bar seasonally uses an outdoors view on the city's skyline. On Friday and also Saturday evenings, the Balcony Bar is a relaxing ar for a irradiate bite with drinks and musical entertainment.

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Insider guideline for tourists to the urban MuseumYour join ticket includes the museum's fifth Avenue building plus same-week entry atthe Cloisters, which screens medieval architecture and also art in a beautiful setting in top Manhattan.Author's bio: Elissa Gilbert's very first summer job was working in the metropolitan Museum's department of one-of-a-kind Publications. One of her favourite memories is of the time she and another intern collection off a silent alarm as they roamed through the museum. She blogs about her travels roughly the people at