Last night iHeartRadio and 103.5 KISS FM carried the Jingle sphere Tour come Chicago’s Allstate Arena in Rosemont, IL. Through the sold-out publicly City crowd watching, some of the best names in music brought a memorable night the live music come the Allstate. Artists prefer Ariana Grande, the Backstreet Boys, Ellie Goulding, Daya and also Hailee Steinfeld (just to surname a few) were there to offer the pack arena a night the they will certainly not shortly forget.

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First up for the night to be the lovely and diversely talented, Hailee Steinfeld, who kicked things off v her monitor ‘You’re such A’. Also performing tracks choose her DNCE participation ‘Rock Bottom’, ‘Love Myself’ and also ‘Starving’, which went platinum early this week, Steinfeld placed on a an excellent opening collection for she Chicago fans, dubbing 2016 among the best years that her entire life. And with a platinum single and a vital acclaimed film in theaters now, through “The leaf of Seventeen”, have the right to you reference her?

Next up, emerging singer Daya greeted the Jingle ball crowd, phone call her recent Jingle round performances as “such a dream”. Daya carry out songs prefer ‘Sit Still, look at Pretty’, ‘Words’, ‘Don’t allow Me Down’ and of course the monitor that readjusted her life, ‘Hide Away’.

After Daya thanked the sold-out arena, it to be time because that Lukas Graham come hit the stage. Perhaps one of the optimal performances that the whole night, Lukas Graham exceeded the expectation of many. Favor so many artists top top the Jingle sphere lineup, Lukas Graham additionally have a lot come celebrate. New of their three Grammy nominations, jumping from a feather Chicago power of about 700 world to performing because that a sold-out arena in Rosemont, and getting the crowd involved with your tracks ‘You’re not There’, ‘Mama Says’, ‘Strip No More’, ‘Drunk In The Morning’ and their big single ‘7 Years’, it’s a good time to be in Lukas Graham.

After pan finished singing follow me to ‘7 Years’, One Direction’s Niall Horan blessed the phase with a performance of his new solo track, ‘This Town’. Horan referred to as Chicago his favourite city in the joined States, a ar where he would invest a lot of time while touring. Regrettably for Niall though, the told the pan “it provides me uncomfortable that ns only have actually one song to perform.” Don’t problem Niall, we are sure you’ll be back very soon with a debut solo album come perform.

Next ~ above the Jingle round stage to be Tove Lo, that not only played her best singles choose ‘Habit (Stay High)’ and also ‘Talking Body’, but likewise gave fans some awesome performances native her new LP, Lady Wood, including ‘Cool Girl’ and ‘True Disaster’.

And then it was time for most likely the best performance the the night. That’s right, the Backstreet Boys space back, and they make a substantial stop in Chicago before their forthcoming las Vegas residency. Even if it is you were a mother who lugged your daughter and also her best friends or a ’90s baby (but bear certificate or just at heart), friend probably lost your voice or hearing from every the screams. Opening through their mega-hit ‘Everybody’, which was the perfect opened track to collection the tone because that the rest of their performance, and also later finishing with their equally huge, ‘Larger than Life’, BSB gave us year of hits and also still was able to leave us wanting more. If girlfriend missed the end on the Jingle sphere or if you to be there and also just a half hour of the Backstreet guys left you feeling “incomplete”, well make your means to planet Hollywood in vegas from March to June and also see what the Backstreet boys “got going on”.

Met through the very challenging task of complying with one of the ideal selling groups of all-time, Ellie goulding met the an obstacle head on and also surely delivered. Goulding opened with her huge hit single, ‘On my Mind’, and also whether or no the track was influenced by Ed Sheeran’s displeasure of she rumored fling with other Jingle sphere artist Niall Horan, Ellie eliminated it. Goulding also performed tracks prefer ‘Anything can Happen’, ‘Love Me favor You Do’ and also busted the end the guitar for her hit single ‘Burn’. Ellie hasn’t been roughly as lengthy as BSB, however still her entire set was fight after hit. Ellie goulding live will never disappoint.

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While the Backstreet boys were certainly the highlight for the moms in the audience, the night’s headliner to be all about the daughters, together Ariana Grande closed the end the Chicago protect against on the Jingle sphere Tour. Ariana that course acquired things going v her large 2016 single, ‘Side to Side’, and also although she wasn’t join by Nicki Minaj because that the performance, Ariana didn’t need it. Grande kept the pan screaming and ended the night top top a high note, and who have the right to hit those high notes better than Ari? From peak to bottom, everyone ceded for Chicago last night.

Check out our photos from the Jingle ball last night in Chicago below, and peep the remaining days on the Jingle round Tour here!