Dade County district Court is situated in Miami-Dade county of Florida state. ~ above the street the East 6th Street and street number is 11. To interact or asking something through the place, the phone number is (305) 275-1155. You deserve to get an ext information from their website. The works with that you have the right to use in navigating applications to acquire to discover Dade County district Court quickly are 25.82744 ,-80.2811032

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(April 14, 2017, 6:16 pm)

B+ | There"s commonly a wait right here considering the it"s in Hialeah, yet the customer business is courteous and professional. Due to the nature of tickets this is most likely going to it is in the only review, for this reason I have also added pictures therefore you have the right to see the interior.

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Pretty solid ar court.