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Dallas ar Jail (Lew Sterrett justice Center) is located at 111 commerce Street, Dallas, Texas. Bus Stop: Dart bus path 35

Other jails in the area space George Allen Jail, at 600 commerce Street Dallas, Texas 75202,and the Bill Decker Detention Center, 899 phibìc Stemmons Fwy Dallas, Texas 75202.

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Read this perform of main visitation rules. Check for visiting days and also times. No visitation takes location on Wednesdays.

The various sections in ~ Lew Sterrett:

North Tower Detention CenterWest Tower Detention CenterSuzanne L. Kays Detention facility (South Tower)

The line exterior is for south tower. For the north tower line, go inside the building,

How carry out I find someone in the Dallas Jail? The kiosks in the lobbies because that depositing accumulation can additionally be offered to gain your inmates number and location. http://www.dallascounty.org/jaillookup/

Arrival Time: constantly arrive AT the very least 30 minutes prior to the end of visitation or you will not get to visit.There is a line starting at around 6pm top top Tuesdays and Thursdays even though visitation processing doesn’t begin till 7pm.
Parking: over there is a $4 parking lot alongside the jail.

Visiting: Inmates may have only 2 visits a week. Your name needs to be on your visitor’s list. If you are the only human on your approved visitor list, you might visit double a week.If lock have much more than one person noted on the approved visitor list, climate you deserve to only visit as soon as a week.

The time limit for a visit is around 30 minutes.

If you space with someone who is visiting an inmate yet you space not, be aware: over there is no place inside come wait if you space not going to visit.

There room two cash machines for delivering cash come the detainees (it takes all dimension bills), and also at the end there will certainly be a desk and several police officers. Ask for the slip of paper to inquiry a visit.

Once you have actually that, create down the information about the inmate (their number and also location), hand it ago to the officer, then go to the waiting line (on the left, against the wall) and be ready to stand and also wait. You will certainly pass through a metal detector again. Monitor the corridor roughly two corners till you come to an elevator. Take the elevator come the floor where your inmate is housed.

On every floor is a home window to the left the the elevator that is the guard station. Existing your visitor slip and your ID. You will certainly be command to a booth whereby you deserve to talk to the inmate. Each of this “booths” have actually “phones”. Friend sit top top one next of a glass window and the inmate sit on the various other side and also you talk via phone.

The jail has a strict dress code. Examine it online prior to you go. No tank tops, no skirts or shorts over the bottom the the knee, no upper and lower reversal flops or open toe shoes, no jackets over sleeveless shirts, no metal, no gang colors.

You will have to walk with several steel detectors. Below is what you need to take in:

your identification keysone piece of document (NOT a notebook through wires or staples)a little pencilmoney, if you room trying to salary a link or get money come an inmate’s jail accounta item of record with the inmate’s name and number and where they room being housed

Leave everything else at house (particularly jewelry or clothing with steel in it.)

Before girlfriend go, you will require to recognize your family members member’s inmate number and where they room being housed. You can uncover out this details here.

If you have been told someone is one inmate in Lew Sterrett and has no been released, but the web page doesn’t pull up information, castle are most likely in “Holding.” It deserve to take increase to five days to move from Holding come the Jail. The mean time in Holding seems to be about 24 hours.

Medication: They will certainly not enable you to lug the inmate’s prescription medicine to Lew Sterrett. The inmate have to wait for the jail’s medical professional to check their condition and also prescribe a medication. It may take an ext than a week for someone to be watched by the doctor. Inmates should buy their own medication; the Jpay account is supplied for this.

Posting a bond: It have the right to take approximately 20 minutes to post a bond once you with the window. If there’s a long line in ~ the bail bond windows, be ready to wait for much more than an hour. The ideal time to short article a link is 8-8:30 in the morning. Lug cash or a cashier’s check. When you obtain the bond paperwork, be sure to read the file VERY CAREFULLY. It will spell out certain things that have to be met to obtain your money back.

Phone calls: there is no means to contact into the jail to speak to an inmate. Castle can call you collect OR you have the right to deposit money into an account.

Connect Network  for pre-paid collection calls native the prison facility.

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Access correction for commissary funds.

Inmate Mail: Mail need to be addressed as such:

Inmates name (ie: John Doe #05123456)Inmate’s ar (ie: Tank #11 S 14)P.O. Box # 660334Dallas, Texas 75266-0334