Address:1120 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704, USA
Phone:+1 512-861-7040


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Richard A. Garner

Unfortunately, the Alamo Drafthouse has forgotten the roots: the fans. Luckily, ns was newly in Austin for a skilled conference. Unluckily, the Alamo Drafthouse no much longer values that is faithful customers that have been coming for no years, however decades (yes, i have been walk for more than a solitary decade).The problem: after see the many recent episode of Star wars (and spending a not insubstantial quantity of money on food and also beverages, which is why ns love the Drafthouse), I chose I need to go ahead and also extend my satisfied stay and also see a twin feature—any movie theatre’s dream: a customer that won’t leave!Unfortunately, my suffer went downhill native there. The theatre staff told me that, no, i did not should hastily buy a chair online, as I readily available to do, however that if ns waited in line at the front I could get a ticket and also come appropriate back. Gift diligent, i asked again to check what castle said. After all, they room the gatekeepeers, and also they understand their job.Unfortunately, i was lie to. To mine face.After quickly buying a ticket on my phone to heat 1 chair 1, ns was called by a manager (Josh Stewart, though I would certainly not be surprised if the was an additional lie) that I can not get in the theatre. Complete disclosure: ns am well mindful of Alamo policy; ns was simply following the explicit and also direct indict of Alamo employees. Ns bought the worst ticket in the home (1:1) to get back in to view a movie as easily as possible. As a dad of young children, ns watch movie rarely and treasure those moments. To say that this to be a bad experience is an understatement. Rules are good, yet people in authority lying around the rule is the worst the all poor options. I was not asking for unique treatment, but for the policy I was told to follow to be applied how i was called to monitor it.When the manager, mockery Stewart, might offer no coherent explanation about why his employees lied to me, he threatened to speak to security more than once. I imagine that it was, in actuality, the manager, mock Stewart, lying come me.What ns ask is, do you really desire to frequent a theatre that would certainly act this way, going therefore far regarding call in "the muscle" top top a faithful patron? The answer is, that course, no. Or, at least, the you should be skeptical.This is just how the new Alamo Drafthouse walk business. Dead on them.

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Brian Sukiennik

We constantly love draft house, yet the Alamo on southern Lamar must be avoided. If you want to go, walk to the one top top Slaughter. Every time we come to the one on south Lamar we have actually a bad experience . This time was by far the worst. We witnessed the movie "Deepwater Horizon" in ~ 10:55 and also had a server named Mike and he was really rude indigenous the gain go. The cherry on optimal is once I want to stimulate my final drink. Ns ordered drink number three, which to be a long Island iced tea, and also put the order card up (keep in mental I more than likely drink 3 time a year, max). He came by and also said "I cant offer you a lengthy Island iced tea. Youve had too much to drink already." ns literally only had 2 drinks prior to that (which were weak since they constantly make castle weak at this location). Ns was awestruck because Ive never ever been refuse a drink anywhere. Ns rarely even drink and also he said it loud sufficient for me to be an extremely embarrassed by this. A little time went by and my wife wanted a 3rd beer and also I made decision to acquire another kind of drink since I thought maybe I could order other different. Mike come by, reads the bespeak card and also says "Im sorry, ns cant offer you any more alcohol. The bar is closed." its 11:55pm in ~ this point, and the bar is definitely not closed. Keep in mind that I and also my wife rarely drink and also weve simply been reduced off through this male after having actually 2 drinks. Not just does he cut us off, but he does the so according to that virtually the entire auditorium have the right to hear. At this point, ive had enough of this guy and also we leave. Ive never, ever before stiffed a server before, however I left "Mike" a 0 disagreement tip, no for cutting united state off (because us werent even near the drink limit), but because he embarrassed us in prior of the whole theater and also made united state look prefer alcoholics.This is just the most recent incident to take place to us at this certain location. Mine advice: visit the Slaughter location. The employee is lot nicer and also the service is excellent. Ive been one Alamo Drafhouse patron because that a lengthy time, but this was enough to store me far from this location indefinitely.


Courtney Stollon

If you live in Austin, youre nearly certainly acquainted with the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain, and also even if you live the end of town theres a great chance youve heard of or checked out a Drafthouse- the agency has to be franchising at an increasing rate, and more and more cities are gaining a Drafthouse the their very own. These lucky cities are still in the minority, however, and couple of companies room as determined with Austin, making the Alamo Drafthouse an ideal location to take it out-of-town guests. There are numerous Drafthouses about town, but I recommend the south Lamar location- be sure to examine it out before it closes shortly for a lengthy expansion and also remodeling. The main gimmick is that you can order food and also drinks to enjoy during your movie, and also while the Alamos menu have the right to be a bit hit-or-miss, the is stability improving- I extremely recommend the green chile mac-and-cheese or any of the milkshakes (particularly those made v beer), and also the seasonal specials room usually tough to go wrong with. The beer perform is extensive and includes several local and also limited-edition selections; use the opportunity to try something new. The real draw for movie fans, however, is the wide selection of unique showings. Indigenous the weekly Music Monday, Terror Tuesday, and also Weird Wednesday screenings to video clip singalongs, filmmaker Q&As, quote-alongs whereby youre motivated to interact with cult classics, screenings the well-known and also obscure masterpieces... The Alamo Drafthouse truly is a film lovers paradise.

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The strict policy against talking and texting in the theater, the bane the so countless other movegoing experiences, simply makes points that much better. The Alamo Drafthouse is a distillation that the passion, geekery, and also attention to information that do Austin for this reason great, and also an ideal method to display someone what this town is every about.