12135 Jarratt Rd (currently no for sale) is located in Bexar County. Role to view the residential or commercial property features, taxes value, mortgage calculator, nearby schools and comparable homes because that sale.The property information herein and below is from the county appraisal district and also should be individually verified.

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Disclaimer: many configuration and dimensions space estimates, no based on personal knowledge and also come indigenous a third party (Digital Map Products); therefore, you need to not rely on the estimates and perform live independence confirmation as to their accuracy
Cost/sqft based on Market worth taxation Year Cost/sqft market Value readjust Tax Assessment adjust
2020 $70.38 $102,050 2.76% $102,050 2.76%
2019 $68.49 $99,310 9.20% $99,310 9.20%
2018 $62.72 $90,940 -0.25% $90,940 -0.25%
2017 $62.88 $91,170 21.01% $91,170 21.01%
2016 $51.96 $75,340 -1.91% $75,340 -1.91%
2015 $52.97 $76,810 6.21% $76,810 6.21%
2014 $49.88 $72,320 -1.19% $72,320 -1.19%
2013 $50.48 $73,190 $73,190

2020 Bexar county Appraisal District taxation Value
Market soil Value: $30,410
Market innovation Value: $71,640
Total sector Value: $102,050
Tax History
2020 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $102,050
2019 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $99,310
2018 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $90,940
2017 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $91,170
2016 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $75,340
2015 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $76,810
2014 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $72,320
2013 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $73,190
Bexar ar Appraisal district
2020 Tax rates
ROAD and also FLOOD: 0.0237 %
SA river AUTH: 0.0186 %
UNIV health and wellness SYSTEM: 0.2762 %
BEXAR COUNTY: 0.2774 %
BEXAR CO EMERG DIST #5: 0.1000 %
Total taxation Rate: 2.2831 %

Estimated Monthly major & Interest (Based ~ above the calculation below) $ 390
Estimated Monthly residential or commercial property Tax (Based on taxes Assessment 2020) $ 194194
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usage this mortgage calculator to create and estimate your monthly mortgage payment(principal and interest) and also estimates for building taxes(based on past rates).

School info is computer generated and may no be exact or current. Buyer must separately verify and also confirm enrollment. Please contact the college district to recognize the institutions to i m sorry this building is zoned.

ASSIGNED schools
ELM CREEK Elementary institution Elementary . EE - 05 . SOUTHWEST ISD

12135 Jarratt Rd is a 3 Beds, 1 full Bath(s), building in Atascosa TX 78002. View photos, map, tax, adjacent homes because that sale, home values, institution info...

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