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This single-family house is located at 123 Washington St, Washington, PA. 123 Washington St is in Washington, PA and also in ZIP password 15301. This property has actually a lot size of 6,970 sqft.



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"we have neighhood plotlots and also movie nights and also trick or treating is awesome we have alot of grocery stores that are nice "
"Can walk everywhere some nice neighborhoods. A lot of various trails too on the outskirts of Washington."
"there are countless parks but infested v drugs and violenceI wouldn't recommend life in Washington pa"
"Not a bad area via eastern washington. Ns think eastern Washington is a an extremely nice area too up past the Washington crown center very nice locations "
"Very easy every little thing is close by. It’s very convenient because that me. I live in the center of the city so every little thing is wade distance"
"They would not like being this close to the key road v a many traffic. They would like the convenience of the sidewalks to walk your pets. "
"I live here and some of the next-door neighbors are nice i live close to shopping plaza library we have our own parking lot and also we have actually playgrounds for the kids here "
"Dogs room leashed or fenced in. No violent dogs the I’ve seen. Human being seem to pick up after ~ them. Lots of barking though"
"just love the quiet and non nosy next-door neighbors love that here but cant wait come retire come Erie. Feather to move in 2020."
"i lived here for a year , kno the neighborhood reasonably well.would favor to have much better neighbors.if all ppl got along it would certainly make that better."
"I was born here moved to south Carolina in 77 and around 10 years earlier I relocated back. Ns guess that is true that house is wherein the love is and my heart has always been here. "
"I've lived right here for years. Very happy to be a part of this community! The colleges are great. The community is really secluded. "
"I have lived here for three years. The houses are nearby together, but the neighborhood is safe. I would recommend it come others."
"there is Washington and Jefferson college right here in Washington. In addition to many various other entertainment and historical sites. Lots to perform all year round."
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123 Washington St, Washington, PA 15301 is a single-family home. This residential or commercial property is no currently available for sale.

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