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Kung FU Necktie

The revenue of 1248-50 N prior Street contains the actual estate, renowned existing music venue and also bar service Kung Fu Necktie, liquor license and furniture, fixtures, equipment. Additionally included in the sale space special assembly, amusement, and also Sunday sales permits.The first floor attributes an expansive bar & constructed in booth seating authorized for maximum occupancy that 99. Over there is a stage with arched acoustical ceiling. In ~ the behind there is access to an outdoor patio space. The second floor is collection up together a life quarters and extension the the meet with an additional small bar and also office area. All bar and also sound devices is included with the sale. Please inquire for devices list and also specifications.

This edge property is ideally situated with 34\" that frontage on former Street and 68\" that frontage on Thompson Street. Prior Street is a major commercial corridor in the Fishtown / Kensington area which has seen significant developments freshly such as Front Street coffee shop (directly across the Street) and Wm. Mulherin\" s Sons.

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collection Street cross Street website traffic Volume Year distance
Frankford Ave Mercer St 8,427 2018 0.08 mi
Frankford Ave Mercer St 7,933 2020 0.08 mi
Frankford Ave E Girard Ave 7,724 2020 0.09 mi
Frankford Ave E Girard Ave 8,834 2018 0.09 mi
W Girard Ave N prior St 14,906 2020 0.09 mi
W Girard Ave N prior St 20,182 2018 0.09 mi
West Girard Avenue N hope St 9,072 2020 0.10 mi
West Girard Avenue N expect St 7,612 2020 0.10 mi
N Mascher St W Thompson St 1,027 2018 0.11 mi
W Girard Ave E Dunton St 15,884 2020 0.11 mi