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space Available 10,000 SF Additional an are Types circulation Warehouse Warehouse
Space form Free was standing Bldg Lease form NNN
Date obtainable Mar 2013

This 10,000 SF block building, 2 miles southern of I-4 just eastern of Tampa, attributes two 14" role up doors, 18" ceilings, 3-phase electric and parking for 40+ cars. CN zoning, $4.80 every SF, triple net.

Dover, FL


repertoire Street cross Street website traffic Volume Year street
Dr young name Luther King Jr Blvd McIntosh Rd 18,673 2020 0.18 mi
N Valrico Rd Fats Ln 13,692 2020 0.50 mi
N Valrico Rd Fats Ln 15,448 2018 0.50 mi
Dr martin Luther King Jr Blvd Gallagher Rd 9,463 2018 0.55 mi
Dr young name Luther King Jr Blvd Gallagher Rd 10,970 2020 0.55 mi
E Dr martin Luther King Jr Blvd N Valrico Rd 18,031 2018 0.59 mi
East boy name Luther King Jr Boulevard N Valrico Rd 13,929 2020 0.59 mi
N Valrico Rd Abbey map Dr 13,352 2018 1.26 mi
Jaudon Rd E Wheeler Rd 1,848 2018 1.35 mi
McIntosh Rd Star nation Ln 10,019 2018 1.42 mi


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