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This multi-family home is situated at 13201 Ranch road 620 N, Austin, TX. 13201 Ranch roadway 620 N is in Austin, TX and also in ZIP code 78717. This property has 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and also approximately 668 sqft of floor space.


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"There are ar fireworks viewing parties at the ninth street park. That is a beautiful area to walk/run through pups and kids."
"The school and also the CDC put on funny family occasions that those with and without youngsters are able to attend favor Octoberama and family funny fest. "
"Clarksville is a wonderfully safe, kind, and also engaging neighborhood. The dog park nearby is also especially friendly. "
"Very walkable through a good community vibe. That is really safe and also everyone is neighborly and kind. An excellent place to have actually dogs as well. "
"This has been a good place to live for us. We know and also are trusted with most of the neighbors. A good safe place to walk in ~ night."
"It’s close, however not too close come downtown. Human being are friendly and also it feels nice safe. Easy accessibility to other locations of better Austin area due to the proximity come MOPAC."
"Love it. Dogs, people, place is great! yes, really special ar that i can’t imagine life elsewhere! never moving! "
"There's a wonderful, eclectic mix the older residences and new ones developed after tear downs. Good neighborhood public schools. Lots of walking and also cycling. Nearby in for convenient commutes."
"There's a leash law, and you have to pick increase after dogs. However many don't, and the neighborhood is a mess."
"The colleges are terrific. There is a great community support system. And there are great neighborhood parks for children to beat in."
"It's near in for convenient commutes. 20 minutes cross town. 10 minute on weekends. 20 minute to the airport."
"I've sold number of units in the condo and its very popular for people who desire a walkable lifestyle and an affordable price. "

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13201 Ranch road 620 N, Austin, TX 78717 is a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 668 sqft multi-family. This property is no currently available for sale. The present calculation for 13201 Ranch roadway 620 N is $540,400.

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