LA Opera is located at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and part of The Music facility of Los Angeles County.

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Parking Information


Ticket holders parking a vehicle are encouraged to come at least 45 minutes prior to curtain. Parking is obtainable in The Music center Garage and also the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The Music facility garage enntrance gate is situated off cool Ave between Temple Street and first Street, throughout from cool Park.

For info on parking rates, valet and other options, click "Read More."

me Parking -- $9

Cash just upon entryThis rate is accessible beginning in ~ 4:30pm for evening performances, 2 hours before curtain because that weekday matinees and all work on weekends.

Valet Parking -- $23

Cash only upon entryValet services begin 2 hours prior to performances. enntrance gate to valet is situated on hope Street between first and temple Street. Because that vehicles displaying valid, state-issued special needs parking placards, valet rate is $9.

Handicap available Parking

Accessible parking spaces because that vehicles displaying valid, state-issued disability parking placards or license plates are obtainable in The Music center Garage on levels two and also four, check with a parking attendant because that directions. Valet parking is also available at a special rate of $9.

Box Office Parking

Validation is provided for approximately 30 min of totally free parking once visiting for crate Office services.

For Weekdays before 4:30pmProceed to among the parking spaces marked for box office parking. Request a validation from package office attendant to departure the garage without charge for up to 30 minutes.

For Evenings, Weekends and Event HoursUpon entry obtain a 30-minute box office validation from the parking attendant.

Additional Parking Option

Walt Disney Concert room -- me parking $9 entrances are obtainable on both 2nd Street and also Lower cool Ave.

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Drop-off and also Pick-up for Ride re-superstructure is located on the expect Street next of Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.

Use address:218 N expect Street, Los Angeles



Metrolink supports occasions at the L.A. Music center with countless trains consisting of Friday and Saturday late-night departures (11:30 p.m.) ~ above the mountain Bernardino Line. Use the train to attend weekend matinee performances by taking the Antelope Valley, san Bernardino, Orange County, 91/Perris Valley and Inland Empire-Orange county lines (transfer to Los Angeles in ~ the Orange Station). Straightforward connections have the right to be made with Los Angeles Union station at the Metro public Center/Grand Park Station. For information, please speak to 800-371-5465 or view Metrolink schedules at and
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