With offices all about the world, Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Target operates 1,800 general merchandise discount shop in the US, 40 circulation centers throughout 23 states, and also a fully integrated online business. Target product categories incorporate grocery, household, beauty, toys, and also electronics. Target aims to preserve a desired shopping location for customers, and also the role of a responsible corporate citizen by ethical behavior, diversity and integrity - the for sure respects and values the personality of all team members. The corporate society lies ~ above teamwork, nourished by a fast-paced, fun, and friendly atmosphere. Once joining the Target team, you will have the possibility to get involved in supporting neighborhoods through volunteerism, from renovating elementary institution libraries and donating food to the hungry, to responding to disasters and also reading v students. Together a Target team member, your contribution will be rewarded with incentives, such as number of health and financial benefits (medical and also pharmacy, dental, and also vision benefits), assistance programs because that life events, life insurance, TGT 401(k), vacation, national holidays, an individual days and also well-being time.
Job description

Visual MerchandiserApply currently (https://target.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/targetcareers/job/13831-Brookhurst-St-Garden-GroveCA-92843-3120/Visual-Merchandiser_R0000166816) project ID:R0000166816 task family:Store Hourly - Sales Floor schedule:Variable Location:13831 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, California, unified States, 92843-3120;


As part of our collaborative and guest-obsessed team, you aid us develop an experience that renders guests speak “I love Target!” when you work at Target, you’re help every family discover the joy in everyday life. You’re working alongside one enthusiastic, committed team the cares, grows, and also wins together. A team that is inclusive, renders connections and also brings your passion and pride to all the they do. Guest love come shop us for social media worthy looks and we’re proud to sell the freshest mix of Apparel and Accessories (A&A) the won't rest the bank.


The intuitive Merchandiser supports an energetic selling culture by ensuring that visual moment are set and preserved to the intuitive Merchandising overview (VMG) direction and inspirational because that the guest to journey sales. Castle are specialists in visual standards, which includes details merchandising techniques, fixture blocking, lighting and also the implementation of every In save Marketing (ISM) facets such together mannequins, navigational signs and all combination Store environment (CSE) indications that support events, seasons, holidays and also in keep promotions.

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At Target, we believe in our team members having meaningful experiences that help them build and also develop skills for a career. The role of a intuitive Merchandiser can provide you v the:

Knowledge that retail business fundamentals including: department sales trends, list management, guest to buy patterns, pricing and promotions tactics

Skills in plan department(s) daily/weekly workload come support organization priorities and also deliver ~ above sales purposes

Experience influencing a team that hourly team members to enhance their visual merchandising acumen and also skills

Experience in top the strategy of visual merchandising and Visual standards implementation

As a visual Merchandiser, no 2 days are ever the same, however a usual day will most likely incorporate the adhering to responsibilities:

Create a welcoming endure by accuracy greeting every guests

Observe to easily understand even if it is a guest needs assistance or wants to interact. Follow human body language and also verbal ideas to tailor her approach

Engage with guests in a real way, which has asking questions to better understand their specific needs

Be knowledgeable about the tools, products, and also services available in the complete store, and particular to your area, come solve worries for the guest and also improve their experience

Thank the guest in a genuine means and allow them know we’re happy they chose to shop at Target.

Inspire guest to discover solutions with compelling visual merchandising

Influence a keep team that leaders, style Consultants and also General merchandise (GM) experts to be knowledgeable about visual merchandising and visual standards

Understand sales goals, plan and also execute daily/weekly workload to supply on visual merchandising, department and store sales goals, guest engagement; including: merchandising, transitions, events and also promotions

Lead the execution of the firm Visual Merchandising strategy, intuitive standards and also non-pogged In save Marketing (ISM) implementation throughout all pertinent areas of the store

Partner with keep leaders to plan, support and also validate the execution of all Visual Merchandising travel guide (VMG) to adjust in the save

Support team onboarding, continuous learning and assist close knowledge and skill gaps through training, influencing and hands on experiences

Inspire guests to discover solutions through compelling intuitive merchandising in every categories

Leverage daily interactions and huddles to teach visual concerns to style Consultants and General merchandise Experts around visual priorities and creating visual moments come support building the basket because that each guest

Solve merchandising problems and adjust sets to create and maintain inspiring presentations

Teach and also influence A&A clearance guiding principles

Assess save visual criter to help elevate visual presentations in A&A, Home, company Space, LTOs and also Brand Launches

Support the execution of visual Merchandising guides (VMG) and also Visual Adjacencies (VA) floor to adjust

Support transforms to product assortment and keep the area inspiring to guests all year round by remerchandising new product and maintaining a brand an are following new sets

Partner to preserve visual truth by remerchandising in save visual moment

Organize and set all non-planogram ISM elements throughout the save

Maintain backroom ISM an are organized and up to date with existing signing tools and signing fixtures

Provide service and a shopping experience that meets the requirements of the guest

Work a schedule that aligns to guest and also business requirements (this has early morning, evening, overnight shifts and weekends)

Always show a society of moral conduct, safety and compliance

All other duties based on business needs


We can be a great match if:

You room someone who gets influenced by new style trends, differentiating visual merchandising presentations and enjoy teaching and also influencing a team to drive outcomes through visual criter

You room the go-to girlfriend for fashion advice for events or daily looks, or if your friends skinny on you to assist inspire them with decorating your home due to the fact that you have actually amazing taste in décor and also understand the difference between a modern, traditional and also eclectic format

Working in a fun and also energetic environment makes you excited…. We job-related efficiently and also as a team to supply for ours guests

Providing service to our guest that provides them say ns LOVE TARGET! excites you…. That’s why us love working at Target

Stocking, setting and marketing Target commodities sounds prefer your thing… That’s the core of what we do

You aren’t looking for Monday thru Friday task where you space at a computer system all day… We are busy all day (especially top top the weekends), do it simple for the guest to feel welcomed, inspired and also rewarded

The good news is the we have some exceptional training the will aid teach you every little thing youneed to know to be a intuitive Merchandiser. But, there room a few skills you should have from the get-go:

High institution diploma or equivalent

At the very least 1 to 2 years of visual merchandising experience

Must it is in at least 18 year of age or older

Business acumen (i.e. Margin, profitability, etc.) and creativity to inspire guests and also drive sales

Strong expertise of trend and style the is reflective of our brand

Lead and also influence store teams come follow procedures that assistance visual merchandising

Learn and also adapt come current an innovation needs

Work independently and as component of a team

Manage workload and also prioritize tasks independently

Welcoming and helpful attitude

Effective communication skills

We room an awesome ar to work and also care around our teams, for this reason we want to make certain we room clear on a couple of more basics that we expect:

Access all areas of the structure to respond to guest or team member issues

Operate WAVE and also pallet jack

Interpret instructions, reports and also information

Accurately manage cash register operations

Climb up and also down ladders

Scan, handle and move was efficiently and also safely, including generally lifting or moving merchandise as much as 15 pounds and occasionally lifting or moving merchandise as much as 40 pounds

Flexible work-related schedule (e.g., nights, weekends and also holidays) and also regular attendance necessary

Americans v Disabilities plot (ADA)

Target will provide reasonable accommodations (such as a qualified sign language interpreter or other an individual assistance) through the application process upon your request as forced to comply with applicable laws. If you have a disability and also require aid in this application process, please visit your nearest Target store or Distribution center or reach the end to Guest services at 1-800-440-0680 for additional information.

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Target will think about for employed qualified applicants v criminal histories in a manner continuous with the san Francisco and Los Angeles Fair opportunity Ordinances.