With workplaces all about the world, Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Target operates 1,800 general merchandise discount shop in the US, 40 distribution centers throughout 23 states, and a totally integrated online business. Target product categories include grocery, household, beauty, toys, and also electronics. Target aims to keep a preferred shopping destination for customers, and also the duty of a responsible corporate citizen by honest behavior, diversity and also integrity - the certain respects and values the individuality of every team members. That corporate culture lies on teamwork, nourished by a fast-paced, fun, and also friendly atmosphere. Once joining the Target team, girlfriend will have the opportunity to get associated in supporting neighborhoods through volunteerism, from renovating elementary school libraries and donating food to the hungry, to responding come disasters and reading through students. As a Target team member, your contribution will certainly be rewarded through incentives, together as number of health and also financial benefits (medical and pharmacy, dental, and also vision benefits), assistance programs because that life events, life insurance, TGT 401(k), vacation, national holidays, personal days and also well-being time.

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Job summary

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As component of our collaborative and also guest-obsessed team, you assist us produce an experience that makes guests say “I love Target!” when you work in ~ Target, you’re helping every family find the delight in everyday life. You’re functioning alongside a dedicated team the brings your passion and also pride to all that they do. You pleasure our guests in all locations of the save ensuring each guest has an enjoyable endure in our smallest layout stores. 


We permit a consistent experience because that our guests by ensuring product is in stock, available, accurately priced and signed top top the sales floor in our smallest style stores. Experts of service, operations, process and efficiency. This team is responsible for being proficient in all areas of the save to complete duties such as, but not minimal to, cashiering, stocking, presentation and also price accuracy. You’ll provide impressive guest service, tailoring each experience and also anticipating your needs. 

At Target, we think in ours team members having coherent experiences that help them build and also develop skills for a career. The role of a little Format Team Member can administer you through the: 

Knowledge the guest business fundamentals and also experience building a guest first society across the store 

Experience in retail business fundamentals: department sales trends, pricing and also promotion strategies, inventory management, process efficiency and improvement 

Experience supporting daily/weekly workload come support company priorities and deliver on sales goals 

As a Small style Team Member, no two days are ever the same, however a usual day will many likely include the following responsibilities: 

Greet and service guests together you finish workload through minimal guest disruption 

Work in every departments to ensure sales floor is full, zoned and in stock for guests 

Push and stock product come sales floor.  

Execute adjacency changes, transitions, revisions and also sales plan for every departments.  

Conduct weekly price change workload and also ensure regular and promotional signing is collection accurately for every departments. 

Complete scans and system audit functions to certain inventory accuracy.  

Support execution of major transitions and ISM. 

Support guest solutions with cashiering, order pick up (OPU) and Drive up (DU), wherein applicable.  

Accurately execute every pulls (i.e., daily autofills, CAFs, out of stock, manuals and guest requests) and backstock product from every departments. 

Process all inbound deliveries (using the obtain application) to ensure inventory accuracy.  

Complete every backroom daily and also weekly audits

Operate power devices only if certified. 

Maintain backroom organization and location accuracy and also follow equipment guidelines. 

Follow procedures accurately through attention to detail, monitor own progress and also accurately prioritize tasks. 

Provide service and a shopping suffer that meets the needs of the guest. 

Demonstrate a society of ethical conduct, safety, and also compliance. 

All other duties based on business needs. ​


We could be a an excellent match if:

Working in a fun and energetic setting makes girlfriend excited…. We occupational efficiently and as a team to supply for our guests 

Providing company to our guests that makes them say ns LOVE TARGET! excites you….

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That’s why we love functioning at Target 

Stocking, Setting and also Selling Target products sounds prefer your thing… That’s the main point of what we do. 

You aren’t looking for Monday thru Friday task where you are at a computer all day… We room busy all day (especially on the weekends), make it simple for the guest to feel welcomed, inspired and rewarded 

The great news is that we have some amazing training that will assist teach you everything you need to know to be a Small style Team MemberButthere room a few skills girlfriend should have from the get-go: 

Welcoming and also helpful attitude toward guests and also other team members 

Learn and adapt to current technology needs 

Work both independently and also with a team 

Resolve guest questions easily on the spot 

Attention to detail and follow a multi-step processes 

We room an awesome place to work and care about our teams, for this reason we want to make certain we room clear on a few more basics that we expect:  

Accurately manage cash register operations

Climb up and also down ladders 

Scan, handle and also move goods efficiently and also safely, including typically lifting or relocating merchandise approximately 40 pounds  

Flexible occupational schedule (e.g., nights, weekends and holidays) and also regular attendance necessary.

Roles Include: 

Seasonal Guest advocate (Cashier) 

Seasonal General Merchandise 

Seasonal Inbound (Stocking) 

Americans through Disabilities plot (ADA)

Target will carry out reasonable accommodations (such together a qualified authorize language interpreter or other an individual assistance) with the application procedure upon her request as compelled to comply v applicable laws. If you have actually a disability and require aid in this application process, you re welcome visit your nearest Target store or Distribution facility or reach the end to Guest services at 1-800-440-0680 for added information.