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Between the Bridges

Four 50\" slips that room priced as a package come a solitary purchaser. Commonly leased because that one-year terms; current market rent is $125 come $134 per direct foot, with landlord payment taxes and condo fees. Owner expects all 4 to it is in leased at the start of the next lease year (spring 2011). Cable TV, water, electric service, and use the club home pool included.Note: Size displayed of 200 reflects full linear slip footage; there are no buiding improvements included.

Just turn off the interchange that I-95 v CT Rt. 9 ~ above the Connecticut River.


collection Street overcome Street traffic Volume Year street
Ferry Rd Clare Rd 1,110 2018 0.05 mi
I- 95 Ferry Rd 58,570 2018 0.29 mi
I- 95 Lyme St 75,910 2018 0.48 mi
I- 95 US Hwy 1 54,293 2018 0.53 mi
Boston post Rd Springbrook Rd 6,680 2018 0.67 mi
Shore Road Gould Ln 6,586 2020 0.75 mi
Shore Rd Gould Ln 8,804 2018 0.76 mi
Shore Rd Neck Rd 9,908 2018 0.77 mi
Neck Road I- 95 8,881 2020 0.78 mi
Neck Rd Old leg Rd 12,103 2018 0.78 mi


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