For Sale $125/Sqft Property Type Office - medical Office Property Size 4,639 Sqft Lot Size 1.47 Acre Parking Spaces Avail.

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23 Parking Ratio 4.96/ 1,000 SF Building Class B Year Built 1984 Date Updated jan 28, 2021


highly visible - course 4/ Broadway fair Lawn, NJ

Frequently inquiry Questions

What is the complete square footage of 15-01 Broadway?

15-01 Broadway totals 4,639 square feet.

as soon as was this residential or commercial property built?

15-01 Broadway was built in 1984.

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15-01 Broadway, fair Lawn, NJ 07410 - Office Space

15-01 Broadway is located at 15-01 Broadway in the same Lawn neighborhood, NJ, fair Lawn, 07410. The class B Office building was completed in 1984 and also features a complete of 4,639 Sqft.

There room 5 office spaces for lease in the fair Lawn neighborhood, totaling 7,251 Sqft of easily accessible office space. The office an are availability because that the 07410 zip code is 7,251 Sqft, in 5 office spaces. The typical asking office rent per sq. Ft. In same Lawn is $19.63/sqft/year. For course B office buildings the average office rate is $20/sqft/year, for course C office buildings the typical office price is $19.75/sqft/year.

In same Lawn, there space 11 class B office buildings. In ~ zip password level, there are 18 advertisement properties, of which 6 space office buildings over 50,000 square feet.