Enterprise rental a automobile is component of companies Holdings, which has Alamo rental a Car and also National car Rental. Enterprise was established in 1957 with a fleet the 7 cars and also a male named Jack Taylor, and also today has actually over 8,000 enterprise Rent a vehicle locations worldwide, and ranks as the biggest transportation provider.

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Customer service, honesty and also integrity space all indigenous that totally describe what companies stands for. Enterprise takes one active function in sustainability, constantly thinking around the influence on the future. Together the largest car rental company, they are well equipped to take on this position and also foster innovation, research and test new solutions.


Working through Enterprise rental a Car

Enterprise car Rental has constantly been a satisfied to job-related with together a partner in the automobile rental industry. We have actually a strong and resilient relationship v our team members at all enterprise Rent a automobile Hawaii locations. Companies cars are reliable, and kept increase to date with a focus on cleanliness, mechanical servicing, and newer version vehicles. We obtain very few customer concerns about Enterprise rental a Car, and also those involves are handled quickly and efficiently by the staff at enterprise in Hawaii.

Enterprise is front of the pack in auto rental companies when it involves customers through disabilities. They room committed to offering a selection of Adaptive steering Devices, including hand controls, left foot accelerators, crackhead knobs and also pedal extenders. These devices are always offered at no added cost. Vehicle drivers just require to contact us at the very least 24 hours in advance.

Enterprise rental a vehicle FAQ

What do I have to rent a automobile from Enterprise?

Bring your confirmation # through you to your pick up location. This deserve to be your entirety confirmation email from us, or simply the confirmation # details on her phone. Her driver’s patent is always a necessity. An international Driver’s Permit may be necessary as an additional paper if her driver’s license is no in English. A credit transaction card corresponding the name of the key driver, or a debit card might be embraced if you have actually a return ticket, and if it has a Visa or MasterCard Logo, and passes a credit inspect where required. You will need to carry any extr drivers, their driver’s license and also credit map to the automobile rental respond to as well.

Do you need insurance to rental a car from Enterprise?

Insurance is optional in Hawaii - you carry out not must purchase insurance at the respond to if you feeling confident you have actually your very own insurance plans that will cover friend on a rental car. Friend can likewise purchase private insurance come cover your vehicle rental before you leave home if girlfriend prefer, or usage insurance coverage accessible on your credit transaction card. Insurance allowance is obtainable for purchase at the counter if you choose that alternative as well.

How old do you must be to rental a car?

Enterprise needs a driver to it is in at the very least 21 year of period in Hawaii. Drivers between 21-24 years of period will it is in assessed a young driver fee in ~ the counter, which is a day-to-day surcharge because that young drivers.

Does enterprise rent car seats?

Yes - there space 3 different species of vehicle seats available, depending on the size and also age of your child. You deserve to reserve a automobile seat in advance, we would simply need to recognize which dimension you would like to reserve. Girlfriend can likewise consider pass your very own child seat through you - examine with your airline to check out if over there is a expense to bring the son seat along.

What kind of cars carry out they rent?

Enterprise rental a auto is well-covered in the range of vehicles you deserve to rent, appropriate from the most economical and tiny vehicles, ideal up come 15 passenger vans, and also pick increase trucks. They are likewise known to have actually a nice variety of exotic cars in some locations.

Does Enterprise charge for added drivers?

Enterprise has actually a general policy of “Spouse cd driver Free”. We have actually an plan with enterprise that contains one cost-free additional driver - which way anyone end 21 year of age, they carry out not need to be related. You should take your extra driver(s) v you to the counter along with their very own driver’s patent to sign up together an extra driver.


Enterprise auto Rental Requirements

Valid Driver’s patent in the name of the driverMajor credit/debit card* Passport (Foreign Nationals)21 years of age. Chauffeurs aged 21 – 24 space subject come a $20 job young driver surchargeClean steering recordContracted rate Benefits – one cost-free additional driver (save $14.99 per day for the spouse or other extr driver/s)

*See approved credit cards and also Enterprise rental a automobile debit map policies

Approved credit Cards

American ExpressDiscoverMastercardVisa

Additional Enterprise information & Requirements

Base rates execute not encompass optional insurance, taxes, auto Licensing fee, applicable airplane Concession restore Fee and the Hawaii Highway Revenue surcharge. Renters will certainly be responsible for every charges at the rental location.

Weekly rates can be based on 5 – 7 consecutive work rental on one island only.

DEBIT CARDS: Debit cards must have the Visa or MasterCard logo design on the card. The renter must show proof the a round pilgrimage travel ticket. Debit cards are NOT accepted from very same City/Island Renters or young drivers (ages 21-24). Come rent in ~ off-airport places the exact same City/Island Renter must show a current pay stub and also utility bill.

Age Requirements: qualified renters shall be at the very least 21 years of age. Renters in between the eras of 21 and 24 will certainly be assessed a $20 every day surcharge and may rent the following vehicle classes: economy through full Size cars, Cargo and also Minivans, Pickup Trucks, Convertibles.Enterprise has a 29 minute grace duration for everyday rentals. If the auto is reverted within 2 hrs of the moment it to be rented ~ above a succeeding day, added hourly charges will apply. Over 2 hours or much more will incur second day charge.

24-hour breakthrough booking recommended. No various other coupons or discounts apply.All rentals space subject to Enterprise’s conventional terms and also conditions in result on the rental date.

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All prices USD and also subject to hello taxes. Rates for taxes, optional products and also surcharges space subject to change without notice.