This page offers details on The tenderness Barn, located at 15825 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91390, USA.

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Place Name The gentle Barn
Average Rating 4.7
Place Address 15825 Sierra HwySanta ClaritaCA 91390-4731USA
Vicinity 15825 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita
Phone Number (661) 252-2440
International Phone +1 661-252-2440
Place Type premise, point_of_interest, establishment
Opening Hours Monday: ClosedTuesday: ClosedWednesday: ClosedThursday: ClosedFriday: ClosedSaturday: ClosedSunday: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Location Information

Full Address 15825 Sierra Hwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91390, USA
Street Number 15825
Route Sierra Highway (Sierra Hwy)
Locality Santa Clarita
Administrative Area Level 2 Los Angeles ar
Administrative Area Level 1 California (CA)
Country United claims (US)
Postal Code 91390
Postal code Suffix 4731
Type premise, point_of_interest, establishment
Latitude 34.464118
Longitude 34.464118
Geo Location (34.464118, -118.412758)


★★★★★ Gabriel Calderon

It to be amazing! The pets are for this reason loving and also their caretakers execute so well with them. I wish ns had more time there.


★★★★★ Gary Prieto

This place is heaven. The babies here have learned to offer us people trust regardless of the cruelty they have actually gone through. May the people at gentle Barn it is in blessed and may girlfriend grow. Ns love you, gentle Barn!!!


★★★★★ mark Oknyansky

Fun location to lug your animal-loving kids. That is a vegetables area, so arrangement accordingly. Also, they will ask you come sit because that a presentation about The gentle Barn.


★★★★★ Paula M.

girlfriend can"t have a poor day if you"re hugging a cow! great time for adults, teens and also the small ones, we all loved it! What a wonderful place!!

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★★★★★ Tommy Vincent

I constantly find it difficult to think when someone leaves a 1 to 3 star on organizations like this. Yet usually the someone the doesn’t have the insight or organization sense on just how much money time and effort it takes to keeping something that this nature. Sometimes, I need to ask myself, what if i contributed, what have actually I lugged to the table. I give gentle barn, five stars for taking treatment of these beautiful animals. Significant that someone would certainly make it around themselves and not the animals, complaining around long currently etc. Society sometimes deserve to be exceptionally selfish.