General InfoVisit your Target in Brooklyn, NY for all your shopping needs including clothes, lawn & patio, baby gear, electronics, groceries, toys, games, shoes, sporting goods and more. We serve our guest in 49 claims nationwide and at We"re cursed to offering a fun and convenient to buy experience, v unique assets at affordable prices. Because 1946, the coporation, group has given 5 percent of its earnings through neighborhood grants and programs like Take fee of Education. Today, that offering equals more than $4 million a week.Hours

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Phone:(718) 290-1110

Phone:(718) 637-5015

Primary Phone:(718) 637-5006

Phone:(718) 637-5006

TollFree:(800) 440-0680

Services/ProductsDVDsVideo GamesMusic CDs & TapesWedding Party GiftsPayment methoddiscover, visa, debit, all significant credit cards, cash, check, company card, grasp card, amexNeighborhoodsFlatbush, central BrooklynAmenitiesATMOther Link

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Bike Parking:Yes

Wheelchair Accessible:Yes

Price range :Average





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They don"t allow you leaving 0 stars!Disgusting! I"m disabled and also I can never get anyone to assist get stuff off of the optimal shelf. Pharmacy doesn"t treatment you require medication ~ above TIME!They hosted on to my manuscript until it to be INVALID because they might not stimulate the drug and did not want me to take my MANY, PRICEY scripts elsewhere.They let people who are NOT purchase medication reduced in line and also check the end their groceries IF they are flirty.1 pharmacist begged me because that 6 access time to sign up all my medications to AUTO-FILL and also when they did no auto-fill (delaying my refills) a second pharmacist claimed my medications have no automatic refills because of the category of medicine they are. Then once I said I want them transferred, they refilled or auto-filled there is no my permission. (after saying to my challenge that $800 per month of medications means nothing to TARGET, go ahead and also switch.) They pulled this stunt as soon as I might only refuse to sign for scripts and also make them transfer them to brand-new pharmacy and delay meant I would run out of pills! Berkley pharmacy on emperors HIGHWAY can order hard-to-get pills in 1 day-- castle don"t even need script once they know you-- just call and also say what you require filled!someone mentioned the convenience the Target"s food market:All food-- chicken, hamburger, steak is $5 a pound. Even a bag-of-apples is $5. It"s practically if your rich or stupid! There"s a an essential FOOD"s 3 blocks away! and a good veggie and fruit was standing 1 blocks far (same side of street, after banks and MET another food store. Met is not an excellent for top quality or prices)On any kind of visit, you have the right to see separation food or pull the end a box of frozen Ice-cream bars and also see that opened and 2 are taken out. I"ve watched Dirty Diapers grounding to a wall and ADULT employees teasing every other around how SOMEONE"S gotta clean it up however no one does. It"s disgusting! If you do uncover something discounted, it"s normally damaged in someway. Occasionally it doesn"t matter, but other time it"s no worth a 10% discount if it"s no going come work. (they"re not an alleged to sell damaged stuff. Scratched is okay, broken isn"t!)When you ultimately get up to the counters, the Check-Out civilization are generally Nice. The stock world are rude, use curse words, and also will give a disable-woman through a cane the wrong direction or isle. I"ve had actually stock civilization tell me something to be on the various other side of the store also when i begged them, if girlfriend don"t know, you re welcome don"t say! It damages to walk!The check-out people cannot honor a sale if the register doesn"t ring up. The supervisors are as rude together the stock people and will not examine on the sale. Ns take photos with my cell phone to prove it"s top top sale. I"ve watched a few people take it the sale TAGS-- yet that means NO ONE else knows it"s on sale.LAST-- the practically Target Food Market: Look at the carts as you leave the cash registers. You"ll check out frozen item defrosting and also melting. You can actually watch nobody re-stocking the food items while you wait on line for 30+ minutes.Who knows exactly how long the items sat in the BUYERS" cart as they walked about the store. I"ve in reality seen human being take a chicken, walk upstairs to watch if anything to be on SALE, then placed the CHICKEN back because it defrosted and also get another one that"s quiet frozen. Or milk. Exactly how many people are to buy items that were left to DEFROST and also then to be re-frozen since TARGET doesn"t litter away items that are left in those carts lock can"t it is in bothered to instantly re-stock!!!