Actual Size: 15 3/4" x 15 3/4" x 3/4 MERV 13, MPR 1500-1900, FPR 10 (more info) Fights lint, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, well dust, smoke, viruses, and also bacteria. Every 60-90 days Qualifies for totally free Shipping
23.92 1-Pack(23.92 each) 38.90 2-Pack(19.45 each) 56.97 3-Pack(18.99 each) 73.24 4-Pack(18.31 each) 87.00 5-Pack(17.40 each) 64.92 6-Pack(10.82 each) 116.88 12-Pack(9.74 each)

IMPORTANT: NDUSTRIA™ infrared heaters room transported ~ above a pallet(s) via a full-size or quick semi-trailer. You re welcome be conscious that a forklift may be compelled to unload. Also, delivery may not be obtainable in specific residential areas. Please contact NDUSTRIA™ for concerns on shipping or for distinct shipping instructions.

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Why should I change My wait Filter?

If you have postponed an altering the waiting filter in her unit much more than once, you more than likely do no realize how important it is and why. Over time, the pan motor can burn out, resulting in the device to overheat and ultimately fail. A brand-new filter protects the system and also helps it operation years longer.

Pleated MERV 13 Media

Comparable come MPR 1500 to 1900 and also FPR 10

Designed for premium Filtration Efficiency

Made with electrostatically charged fabricated material that draws and also captures allergens between 0.3 – 1.0 microns, consisting of lint, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, well dust, smoke, viruses, and also bacteria.

Improve at home Air Quality

Protect your family and also loved ones through clean at home air quality at home. Aerostar filters space a straightforward and expense effective action towards a healthier house environment, complimentary of airborne allergens and also particles the can create various allergy and also asthma symptoms.

Improve Efficiency and also Reduce Cost

An Aerostar heating system air filter helps keep your HVAC unit working properly by removing dirt and also reducing stress, overload on the motor. As soon as your unit operation properly, that consumes less energy, requires less maintenance and will have actually a much longer life. These components will have actually an influence on your energy bill and also maintenance costs. It is recommended that you adjust the filter every 60 to 90 days throughout normal times of year yet increase frequency come 30 days during peak summer and also winter months as soon as your unit is working the hardest.

About Aerostar furnace Air Filters

Aerostar filter are made in the USA by Filtration Group, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier the filtration options for residential, commercial and also industrial applications. The Aerostar brand is well-known for continually innovating and improving their an innovation to help make filtration an ext efficient, effective and environmentally friendly every day.

About MERV, MPR and FPR Rating

The three rating equipment were produced by different organizations. MERV is the domestic and also international sector Standard rating system established by the American society of Heating, Refrigerating, and also Air air conditioning Engineers. The other two rating systems were created by 3M and The house Depot, however all room rating the same filter.

MERV Rating (Minimum performance Reporting Value): as you have currently learned, the MERV Rating is the main rating device used in the industry, both domestically and also internationally. Established by the American culture of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air conditioning Engineers, MERV prices a filter’s capacity to capture and hold particles and pollutants.

MPR (Micro-Particle performance Rating): MPR Rating is a rating system developed by 3M. It prices the manufacturer’s Filtrete product line and also their capability to catch airborne particles smaller sized than 1 micron.

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FPR (Filter performance Rating): FPR Rating is a rating system developed by The house Depot because that brands marketed through their stores, including Honeywell. It uses a shade code and number scale (4 come 10) that carefully resembles the MERV rating.