Any transactions that have been made digitally easily accessible by the county this residential or commercial property is situated in

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California Collectible Shows and also Speciality wholesale Inc have been attached to this address through corporate registration records. We discovered that twelve names were listed as patent holders, located at this address. These are few of the names: Tilted Investments,inc (tilted Investments,inc) (licence Sales taxation Permits), line Breakers (hdl Thrift LLC) (licence Sales taxation Permits). The alternating variant for this resolve is 19649 san Jose Avenu, City the Industry, CA 91748-1410. The ZIP password for this address is 91748 and the postal password suffix is 1410. The address"s geographical coordinates: 34.0002906,-117.8746494. Rent value for a two bedroom unit in the ZIP code 91748 is approximated at $2,000 a month. Charter communications Inc provides the fastest net access. Cable Modem-DOCSIS 3.1 is the kind of net connection.

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Declared downstream rate is 940 mbit/s, upstream speed is 35 mbit/s

Sales and also Prices in the neighborhood in current Years

This chart mirrors the number of sales, minimum, maximum and also average prices. The data is based upon a examine of information about the nearest 1,500 houses