If the brand-new Tundra is a tiny too lot truck for you, possibly you"d prefer a throwback come a less complicated time, one with an ext modest grille sizes. And possibly the perfect throwback is up because that auction in new Hampshire this week: a nearly-new 1993 Toyota Truck. While part Toyota van have withstood a million miles, this one falls in the polar the opposite camp. It has only 84 miles on the odometer.

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Hailing native the pre-Tacoma days, the official Toyota version name to be the very an innovative "Truck". This specific example is described as a barn uncover by the seller, purchased brand-new in Gorham, N.H., propelled home, and also immediately mothballed for 28 years. That"s every the information we have the right to get, since, we only have actually information from the second and current owner — who"s flipping it after one year — to go on, not the initial owner. It would be fascinating to uncover out indigenous the initial buyer around why the van was never ever driven.

The short-wheelbase, 4-cylinder deluxe trim van doesn"t appear to have actually been purchased because that collectibility, as it"s fairly ho-hum once it pertains to options. Together indestructible as the Toyota 22RE is, if we were standing in a Toyota showroom in 1993 looking at a van for investment purposes, we"d have ticked the boxes because that a long-wheelbase Xtracab v a 3.0-liter V6. We carry out agree, however, v the 4WD and also 5-speed hands-on options.

Despite its short mileage, it"s no cherry. Practically 30 year of damp brand-new England winters and humid summers have put a patina of surface ar rust on countless of the underbody components. There room three dents follow me the left next from something the fell versus the bed throughout storage. The spare tire went absent sometime follow me the means as well. The battery, fuel tank, fuel pump and pickup assembly to be wisely replaced before starting the engine as to not gum up the device with varnished gasoline.

Beyond that, it"s hard to find fault with the truck. The seller says the engine runs together you"d expect, and also we would mean the 22RE to it is in pretty flawless through a an easy fluid change, even after years of inactivity. The pickup"s 6J7 woodland Green Metallic repaint still dazzles, even in the bed, and the fabric interior has remained impeccable.

Classic Toyota trucks have been skyrocketing in value alongside their Land Cruiser and 4Runner brethren. Also T100 and also first-gen Tundra pickups organize their worth to an insane degree. Examples clocking usage that would signal end-of-life hooptie-ism for most cars — we"re talk well over 200,000 miles — offer for about the price of a well-kept similar-era Cadillac v a 4 minutes 1 of the odometer reading.

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As that this writing, the 35 bids have actually propelled the price come $40,100, or around the price of a brand new 2021 Tundra Limited. With about a job left to go, it"ll be interesting to see how much this when humble work-related truck end up walk for.