This power Accessories PA673 human body Lift Kit will lift your Dodge ram 1500 3 inch without editing the factory suspension. This will enable for larger diameter tires for increased ground clearance and also an wild off-road look. Designed come fit Dodge ram 1500 4x4 & 2wd models in the year variety 1997 thru 1999.

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High Grade products - This Dodge lamb 1500 3" body lift kit offers extremely long lasting lift block's that are created of a high grade reinforced nylon along with extended human body bolts, compelled hardware and also brackets. The blocks install between the body and the frame where your factory body mounts reside. Class 5 zinc plate expanded bolts change the factory body mountain bolts.

Better Ride top quality - Because the factory suspension is no altered, your ride high quality will no be changed. No front alignment is required in addition to no extended shocks required by installation this body lift kit. Unlike many suspension lift kits that will develop a harsh journey and readjust the suspension geometry inquiry a front finish alignment.

Proudly do in the USA - Performance equipment (A Daystar Company) human body lifts are all do in the USA making use of high top quality zinc plated hardware and powder coated brackets.

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Features and Benefits

will Not change Ride QualityAddes 3 inches of Lift, manufacturing facility Suspension not AlteredMounts between Body and also FrameAllows for bigger TiresHigh grade Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon human body Lift BlocksNo Front finish Alignment RequiredCenter of heaviness is no ChangedPlated Brackets withstand Corrosion and also RustIncludes all Hardware because that Bolt-on InstallationReplacement Shocks space Not RequiredMade in the USA

Installation Notes

1. Part suspension background kit manufactures execute not recommend the addition of any kind of body background kit. If you have actually or space planning to download a suspension lift and also a body lift kit please refer to the suspension elevator kit to produce or call us for more information.2. Note: Image displayed is a representation of this part. Actual component may vary.3. Prior bumper bracket are had in this kit.4. Will certainly not fit car equipped through diesel engine.5. Steering extension included.6. Behind bumper brackets are obtainable and sold separately for this application.

Download Instructions: PA673 accuse
Weight: 30.00 lbs.
part PA673 fits: Jan, 1999 through Dec, 1999 Dodge ram 15001998 Dodge lamb 15001997 Dodge ram 1500