filters are designed to last as much as 90 days, 3 times longer than fiberglass filters. If you have actually pets, youngsters, or allergy sufferers in your residence or business, replace your filters even more often to preserve exceptional indoor air quality and keep your energy prices low.

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All air filters are made by in the USA utilizing 100% Amerihave the right to made components. By purchasing straight from the manufacturer, you’re conserving massive on a premium product.

20x24x1 pleated air filters are at least 20 times even more efficient than fiberglass filters. Filter frames are made of beverage board, which continues to be solid with humidity and temperatures approximately 200° F. Synthetic media gives considerably higher particulate effectiveness than traditional cotton media.


First time user. The fit was perfect.Easy to order. Will reevaluate after a couple of months. Like not having actually to go to store to attempt and also uncover the best filters.
I have been extremely impressed through's filters, prices and excellent customer organization. Thank you, it is a pleacertain to perform company through your firm.
Your product is good. I had actually to contact and check on why it hadn't been yielded 5 days later. I was told FedEx hadn't scanned it in. I was shipped a 2nd order, with an apology, that landed on time. The Fedex driver left it at the street, ideal inside the fence, wbelow anyone could take it. He was too lazy to walk/drive dvery own the driveway, and also put it somewright here out of the rain. I have actually even more complaints about Fedex than praise. Consider making use of another shipment service.
It was a good price, however mine didn't come in perfect condition. One is dented and also one has the top lifted up and ameans from the filter. I have an extremely tight location that mine need to fit and this one will certainly have to be played with to get it in there. Had these 2 arrived favor the other two in package, they would have actually 5 stars. Thank you!
Equal to various other brands of equivalent ratings, straightforward ordering, FAST distribution. My mechanism offers a much less common dimension, so I can't count on finding them stocked locally. This by much has actually been the easiest, ideal solution.
I am still waiting for delivery for my order that was placed 15 March 2021. Not certain what the concern.
This was a quick shipment from the moment of my order. We have been making use of these filters for a year currently and also I think we are experiencing fewer seasonal allergy symptoms and absolutely much less dust. Highly recommend!
I bought these bereason the reliable size fit my return air grill. A 20x24 does nothing accept 20x24. It accepts 19 1/2 x 23 3/4 or some variation. This MNF dimension fit mine once HD did not However, their 12x12 at 11 3/4 x 11 3/4 is too huge carry out I had to special order 11 1/2 x 11 1/2. They have to change this size
Size was off by 1/2 inch. I did expect the filters to be specifically 20 by 24 to fit tighty in mr rerevolve air structure.
The expense was what I expected and we received them in simply two days. Now I don’t have to go to the hardware keep monthly to buy filters. I have a six mo. supply in home.
I was pleased through the rate in which I got my purchase. The customer organization was EXCELLENT! I had actually a trouble with my order and also it was corrected immediately. You have actually earned a customer for life. I favor the means you treat and also value your customers! I would certainly sucount recommend your agency to others. Great Job!!!
I was pleased through the purchase as I cannot discover the dimension I need in any stores and also it was shipped instantly. They are the finest filters I have actually purchased as they trap so many type of allergens.
Ordered couple times - will certainly again. Rapid efficient organization. Professional courteous on phone as soon as had question .
Haven’t offered them yet yet they are the correct size and shipped conveniently. Company kind of who clean we hired to clean our heating system ducts recommfinished this certain size and the Merv 11 rating.
I found these filters to be the smallest physical form of any type of purchased. They insurance claim to be MERV 13 but look like MERV 8. The low price attracted me to buy yet given that they are a lot smaller than the 20x24 I required, they relocate eincredibly time the heating system transforms on. I will certainly not buy again
Needed several various sizes. They work-related excellent. Had problem through one and customer business was ideal on it with no added charges corrected the problem. Highly recommfinish.
So straightforward ! Had a hard time finding the size filter I essential at a box store. You males took treatment of me.
Great business - got wrong sized filters first time roughly however a speak to to customer organization and also the correct filters were shipped instantly. Great quality and also fit.
Love this firm and also the filters are great!I went with Merv 11 bereason we have actually a pet and also this is a filter that still permits the air to circulate through ease.
have to be even more price competitive. Competitor company is a $1.50 to $2.00 cheaper per filter.I do like the free fed ex shipping.
I haven't tried the new ones yet because I still have the last one from the last order but I will certainly be trying them shortly. They have operated well for me
No more running from store to keep (throughout this pandemic) trying to discover the dimension filters I require. They are made in the USA, arrived conveniently and saved me time and money.
My sister has actually asthma! Direct purchasing, manufacturing facility inventory, and also quantity discounting are features that help me in her affliction. I readjust filters on a monthly schedule as we have actually two cats.
First purchase from Quick shipping, well packed.The filters look incredibly well made, and also I'm happy via the price point for the filters.
Your team is very responsive and professional. I had put dvery own wrong shipping address and emailed customer organization to correct the attend to I received a confirmation email Re the resolve change that exact same night which was a Friday. Now Thats company. Plus we had actually filters within a week!! Thank you!!!
New to First purchase went smoothly. Anxious to watch exactly how subscription purchase goes. Fit is excellent and also measurements are true.
Was glad that they had the size I necessary. The large box stores did not carry that size which leads me to believe this is a custom dimension. Ordering on the internet and also the arrival time of the product was good
The filters were ceded exceptionally quickly. The webwebsite is straightforward and made it straightforward to find what I needed.
Easy to use/discover the products, shipping was rapid. Much much better experience buying on a devoted website, rather than a basic digital marketlocation like Amazon. Would use aobtain.
Easy option , great price, entirely awesome distribution time . Will certainly reorder aget. Many satisfying experience ordering on line. Thankyou
These were easy to order. They arrived conveniently and also were perfectly packaged. Our AC maintenance team mounted them this week. As we have actually only newly installed, I have the right to evaluation the product's performance, although they appeared excellent sturdy top quality.
Received the filters on a really timely basis. Have not tried one yet as I just replaced the heater filter through my last filter I had actually on hand also. I was very pleased through the ease of ordering, the interaction from the seller and also rapid shipping. I will be a rerevolve customer.
Just purchased a 3 load to try them out. After I obtained my order the filters look choose premium filters compared to the huge box store name brand also filters I usage to buy.
It took much longer than I thmust get here however it arrived sooner or later previously than the e.mail said. The best thing about this filter is that it fits easily right into the opening. All the other brands have to be horseshoed right into location. With all the fires we have actually frequently in The golden state this has the highest level of filtering .....................

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Good price, Merv13, sent out by FedEx. Excellent service. My just tiny complaint is around the filter size: though it proclaimed it fit my HVAC, it was a tad little, so it wasn’t a tight fit.
For the prices would recommfinish others to gain there’s from this website. Great