After the TREAD Act was mandated in 2007, every vehicles produced in the united States beginning in 2008, should be set up with direct or indirect TPMS systems.

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The Chevrolet Silverado is produced with a straight TPMS system. Straight TPMS has TPMS sensors are mounted in the wheel; if one or an ext tires indicate low tires pressure, the TPMS sensors will move the info to the vehicle’s ECU. An indicator irradiate (low-line TPMS system) or every tire pressure will display on the dash (high-line TPMS system). A TPMS relearn is encourage after a sensor replacement or tires rotation.


Type that TPMS system:

Direct TPMS, sensors are set up in the wheel

Type of TPMS frequency:

315 MHz, years 2004-2018433 MHz, year 20202019 models usage both 315 MHz and 433 MHz frequencies

Type the Relearn Procedures:

Manual relearn

Type that TPMS tool compelled for TPMS reset

Bonus coverage, OBD relearn procedure, years 2008-2020:

OBDII dongle is requiredConfirm TPMS sensors are properly installedAdjust tire pressures to placard valueHold TPMS device on left front tire sidewall alongside the valve stemRepeat for the right front, ideal rear and left rear tiresApply OBD module to the DLCTurn ignition ONPress yes on TPMS tool to transport sensor data to the ECUDisconnect OBD module native DLCTurn ignition OFF, then start the engine

The video clip shows the Chevy Trax, however the exact same procedure will work with a Chevy Silverado.

Manual relearn procedure, Keyless entrance (2008-2014):

OBDII connector is no required Confirm TPMS sensors are appropriately installed Adjust tires pressures to placard value Inflate every tires Turn ignition ON Push and hold unlock and lock switch on an essential fob until horn sounds Use tool to activate LF sensor Single horn sounds Repeat for RF/RR/LR Turn ignition OFF 

Manual Relearn Procedure, DIC switch (2008-2014): 

Inflate every tires Apply parking brake Turn ignition ON Push the DIC information switch until push TIRE learn is displayed Push (✓) come confirmHorn sounds 2x and TIRE LEARNING energetic is displayed Use tool to activate LF sensor Single horn sounds Repeat for RF/RR/LRTurn ignition OFFRelease parking brake before driving vehicle 

Manual relearn procedure, Odometer Reset (2008-2014):

Inflate every tires Apply parking brake Turn ignition ON Push and also hold the pilgrimage odometer reset stem ~ above instrument dashboard until push (✓) come RELEARN tires POSITIONS is displayed Push (✓) come confirm Horn sound 2x and also TIRE LEARNING energetic will displayUse the tool to activate the left front sensorSingle horn will certainly soundRepeat because that the RF/RR/LR sensorsTurn ignition OFFRelease parking brake prior to driving vehicle

Manual relearn procedure (2004-2007):

Adjust tire pressures to placard valueTurn the ignition come ON/RUN with the engine offUse the MENU switch to select the automobile Information menu in the DICUse the thumbwheel to scroll to the tires Pressure menu Item screenPress the SET/CLR button to begin the sensor matching processPress the SET/CLR switch again to confirmHorn will chirp twice and also the tire LEARNING active message display screens on the DIC screenUse the TPMS Tester to activate the left prior sensorHorn will chirp as soon as when the sensor ID has been suitable to the left front Repeat because that the RF/RR/LR sensorsHorn will certainly chirp double to show the sensor ID has actually been matched to the left front and the TPMS sensor matching procedure is no longer activeThe tire LEARNING active message top top the DIC screen will rotate offTurn ignition OFF

Manual relearn procedure, Uplevel DIC, 2015-2020:

Confirm TPMS sensors are effectively installedAdjust tire pressures to placard valueApply parking brakeTurn car to ON/RUNScroll the uplevel top top the appropriate side the the steering wheel unit Tire press is displayedPush and hold the Set/Reset buttonHorn will certainly chirp twice, DIC displays TIRE finding out ACTIVEUse the tool to activate the left prior sensor Single horn soundsRepeat because that the RF/RR/LR sensorsHorn chirps twice to complete the relearn

Manual relearn procedure, basic Level DIC, 2015-2020:

Confirm TPMS sensors are appropriately installedAdjust tires pressures come placard valueApply parking brakeTurn auto to ON/RUNPush the expedition odometer reset stem until Tire push is displayedPush and hold pilgrimage reset stem to start the sensor matching processPush pilgrimage reset again to confirmHorn will chirp twice, DIC displays TIRE discovering ACTIVEUse the device to activate the left front sensor Single horn soundsRepeat because that the RF/RR/LR sensorsHorn chirps double to complete the relearn


Troubleshooting tips

Tip 1:

Lowering the driver’s side home window may aid to finish this process if the relearn fails.

Tip 2:

The owner’s hand-operated on the Chevy Silverado states, “There are two minutes to match the an initial tire/wheel position, and five minutes as whole to complement all 4 tire/wheel positions. If that takes longer, the matching process stops and must be restarted.”

If the horn chirps twice before all steps have actually been performed or sensors have actually been activated, the relearn procedure many likely has failed and the IDs did not move correctly, which method the procedure has to start over again.

The solution? For many Chevrolet vehicles, the bonus OBD relearn procedure is available for the ATEQ VT56 and also VT46 brands, many thanks to patented Sync-ID technology. This progressed feature allows the user to carry out an OBD relearn to turn the irradiate off, v minimal come no driving time compelled to revolve the irradiate off, saving the technician time and the customer labor costs. It takes two minutes or less to do an OBD relearn procedure ~ above a Chevy Silverado, and requires just one relearn procedure come memorize for various vehicle Makes.

Tip 3:

Chevy proposal rotating tires every 7,500 miles (12 000 kilometers). Tires rotation helps with also wear for all tires and also is important for well balanced handling ~ above the road, i beg your pardon can prolong the life the tires and also save money in the long-run. As soon as tires space rotated, Chevy proposal resetting the TPMS mechanism by performing a TPMS relearn to move the brand-new location the the TPMS sensors come the vehicle’s ECU. That is additionally recommended to carry out a TPMS reset ~ a wheel or sensor replacement.

Placard press adjustment

Use the VT56 or VT46 branded tools to change placard push for the Chevrolet Silverado if upsizing tires/wheels, additionally when replacing v off-road tires or low-profile tires. 

Please note: to determine appropriate placard pressure, constantly follow the tires load and inflation standards. Maintain the overall circumference come +/-3% the the original size, and also the required load rating situated on the manufacturing placard. Always refer to the vehicle’s owner’s hands-on for any specific safety advice concerning the applications of instead of tires.

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TPMS DTC password information

Use the VT56 come retrieve Chevrolet TPMS DTC password for straight TPMS systems by picking the “Service” icon. After selecting the Make, Model, and also Year choose the DTC password icon. Usage the OBDII module come retrieve the Chevrolet DTC TPMS information to diagnose and also service the TPMS worries determined.