Fonda san Miguel is a celebration event of distinctive cuisine, colorful background and the transformative influence on mexico restaurants throughout the country. Together a pioneer of internal Mexican cook in the U.S., it was one of the an initial in the nation to introduce the full-flavored and also more facility specialties indigenous Mexico’s local cuisine. A venerable restaurant, Fonda san Miguel has actually garnered national and international acclaim, and continues to stay true come Mexico’s good traditions and also share the fundamentals of mexican cuisine through its really flavors and ties to Mexico’s ever-changing food culture.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and also Thursdays 5-7pmHalf-price appetizers are Quesadillas and also Tostada Compuestas.$1 off tequila and also tequila cocktails.

(temporarily closed)

Our Hacienda Brunch features range of interior Mexico dishes. From classic, authentic nopales and chilaquiles come mouth-watering desserts—it indulges every guest.

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Our personal dining room is easily accessible to rental for huge parties and also meetings, v customized menus varying from passed appetizer receptions come pre-fixed dinner menus. We look forward to helping you produce a memorable experience.Contact united state at for more information.

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“They opened up Fonda san Miguel in 1975, progressively converting the space into a replica the a colonial-era hacienda, filled v artifacts, initial artwork and blooming plants. Their timing to be auspicious, coinciding with a period of cooking exploration. Fonda remains the grande dame of interior Mexican cuisine in Texas.”

Fonda mountain Miguel: forty Years the Food & Art is a full-color cookbook for the home cook that concentrates on Mexico’s diverse regional cuisines. Compiled and written through restaurant founders Tom Gilliland and also Miguel Ravago, v foreword by Robert Rodriguez, the cookbook features an ext than one hundreds memorable recipes, the artwork that Fonda mountain Miguel and notes on the artists.

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The perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries, the cookbook is easily accessible at Amazon, your local bookstore or at Fonda mountain Miguel.