Awesome employee and very helpful. I adopted Berlin a project dog ~ above 8/21. The handler worked with us to describe our dog situation. Berlin was really fearful and unsocialized. Its been 2 days due to the fact that we brought him home. Berlin currently walks on the leash, eats treats our of our hands and also has warmed up an tremendous amount. He comes appropriate up come us and wants love and also to be petted. Hes awesome and super smart. Thanks guys!

Please come down and take on a dog or cat today. A many the cats have their fees sponsored, meaning theyre totally free. Just come down and also collect your new best friend. These guys are friendly, outgoing, happy animals.. And also thats simply the staff! The dogs and also cats room in great shape and clearly well cared because that here. Every they need now is you!

We space so thankful for MCACC! We lost our dog, Bruno, suddenly in March. A mainly later, us attended an fostering event just to look. There was one dog that caught our attention because she no barking at us. We determined to satisfy her and it to be love at very first sight! She was a number, no a name. The day, she came to be Sigrid. The adoption process was easy yet it was right prior to COVID protocols got in effect. We space considering including to our family soon and also will definitely be looking here.

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I need to say, I’m an extremely happy v MCACC. I had actually to quarantine my dog and they made sure that they did whatever they could to make certain that she was taken care of. I’m particularly happy v one employee, Tina who went above and beyond and also helped contact AZ pet Project and find a boarding ar for mine dog while i look because that a new place to move to. Without her help I would certainly have had to get rid of my dog or also worse, need to put she down. I’m extremely grateful because that Tina and also everyone at MCACC for their understanding and also help!

Great dog. An extremely mild mannered. Hes not a Husky however an Alaskan Malmute i m sorry is what i wanted. Sweet disposition.

We went to look in ~ a dog we had actually seen online. Very impressed with the place. It is clean & modern & the people working/volunteering there to be pleasant. Castle obviously loved the cats & dogs.

Nice place simply too many human being everywhere should do a far better job at maintaining a limit of world inside anyone just all over each other other than that a nice facility

The world here are so caring and also so concerned around the welfare that animals. I embraced a pet there on December 13th and also she unfortunately had actually a lot of trauma. She had gained pepper injected by PD. Her surname was Cayenne and I think lock may have named her that because of her experience.I was worried about how she would be in ~ my house and with my various other dog. They forced us to carry the dog in to meet her because of the trauma she had actually been through. Their conference was amazing and they obtained a long perfectly. As soon as she got to the residence she was choose a different dog. She to be so comfortable and all her fears and also anxieties went away. I really appreciate the people at Maricopa County animal Care and how they helped us v this process. PS. I changed her name from Cayenne come Vashti.

Adopted a cat through ear mites and also some type of dental infection resulting in him to not eat. They stated it was due to the fact that he’s shy however he’s clearly in pain. Ns feel certain betrayed since multiple world swore he to be in good health. Who knows if he also got any care here or if a vet really checked him out. You better hope us don’t have to spend a ton of money to settle this...

Very nice, clean facility. However, an combine told united state to come in to see a dog asap and as we landed on 1:07pm, castle told united state walk ins werent allowed. Lock didnt help us. Mean to wait roughly an hour to accomplish your dog, also if you collection up an appointment.

I no go any type of further than the entry room together I was dropping turn off a stray, however the human being I faced were all WONDERFUL! Caring, useful and great with a really scared small dog. My very first time there, and I was really pleasantly surprised.

My small dog snuck past me, ran outside and also I didnt even know she was lacking for 3 hrs! neighbor took her in for one day(didnt understand dog to be mine), referred to as city animal control who moved my dog to Maricopa County pet Control. They guarantee she received chip and vaccinations before releasing she to me. Ns appreciated this one-stop service since my dog Vet is a long distance away. Employees were patient and professional in managing the process.

The staff is very courteous and also professional, return they not really have actually a lot of cats. If you desire dogs, you need to be good. They are very good about health precautions, all the staff there have their masks on and also they are an extremely careful about social distancing.

I constantly find it bittersweet as soon as I visit animal shelters. Im an avid animal lover and want come rescue every pet at these places. While I recognize thats no realistic, ns do discover comfort in knowing exactly how well the animals here are taken care of. Staff was visible and checking in on every the animals. They to be walking them and getting exterior time. The water bowls were full, the beds had actually blankets. Theres her typical pet smell, yet if you have a problem with the you most likely shouldnt own a pet. Ill definitely be earlier and continue to assistance MCACC.

Staff was very friendly, very informative about the animals and if lock didnt know something asked they go the extra mile to discover out. Ns only offered 4 stars because1. Ns was called he had actually to get fixed before coming home and also I can pick him increase the following day. As soon as I arrived to choose him up, the never required surgery since he was currently fixed. Ns feel they have to of recognized that before last minute. I was never notified he didnt need surgery so he can of came home earlier, no to point out the cone i purchased because that nothing.2. Choose him up i asked the lady about the collar, microchip info, license info, tag the fostering paperwork all stated it included and also she had actually no idea what ns was talk about. I have a 90 pound dog on this leash/collar point choking due to the fact that he is supervisor excited.3. I have called countless times each time moved to who different, leave voicemails wanting information about how to put info on microchip and also the patent the adoption includes. Nobody has actually returned my call.4. Diesel to be diagnosed v kennel sneeze a couple of days before fostering and was put on medication. Ns was said he had actually a an extremely mild case, to offer him this medication for 14 days. That a lot an ext than a gentle case, he has actually done nothing yet cough, vomit from sneeze so much and also all he wants is to be laying down alongside me gift loved on. I love the lovins from my boy however hate how awful the feels.Our bond emerged fast as result of him gift so sick.

I adopted my first dog here previously this year in March and just 3 days back I adopted a cat with lots of mindset to spare! These animals are the sweet pets anyone can ever adopt!

Picked a dog, they do me do an appointment the took 6 day, so i looked up 5 other dogs simply in case and also when I get there not only the dog that they knew ns was coming to satisfy all various other 5 dogs where gone. Climate they told me come go earlier and look for a little dog, I uncovered only 2 that wherein adoptable, once I took up the number to the desk, both had been embraced out, back their sign on cage claimed adorable. Oh we are sorry, we forgot to readjust the sign I traveled 1 hour there and also 1 hour house wasted my time. All they have actually are pits and chihuahuas! dont waste her time!

My girlfriend and also I adopted our beautiful new family member yesterday here, and it was a an excellent experience, specifically considering the scenarios we room all dealing with currently. Summer and also Sheri space who helped us, and also both to be so so great. Summer was an extremely knowledgeable of all the dogs, you have the right to tell she important enjoys what she is doing. She was just great. She made my girlfriend and I comfortable, yet even an ext importantly, she made sure the pets were comfortable. Sheri in ~ the desk is so sweet, and just made every little thing so smooth and simple. We space so for this reason happy that we are able to provide our brand-new pup a home, and would very recommend because that anyone looking to offer a an excellent animal a brand-new home, come come here!

When I an initial heard the there were 400 dog in the sanctuary my heart broke !!!;what a relief once I gained there come see exactly how well castle look after ~ the dogs! really organized with about 95% adoption rate.Getting a rescue really WARMS her HEART - & the babies remember, it to be YOU who RESCUED THEM!!! never ever take your eyes turn off of you!!!;Unfortunately the sanctuary was an extremely loud through that plenty of dogs... Maybe one job well build a shelter thats soundproof wouldnt that BE NICE!!!

I for sure love these folks! They assisted me find my fur Babies! i was beginning to look choose a permanent fixture around the place in search of the perfect fit for my home. Ns literally gained to understand staffers ~ above a very first named basis and each time I come in ns was greeted with warm and an extremely welcoming smiles and also requests to help in anyway the they could. That really make me feel welcomed.After recognize a couple of potentials us looked v the files and narrowed under my searches until the 2 that were great for our household were found.Thank friend so much M.C.A.C.C. Us are family members now!

Animals room great, service is so super slow. Think DMV. Wait 40 mins to check out one pet people dropping off animals take took end an hour simply to execute that. Supervisor disappointing.

This is a substantial facility. The people here are awesome ! new dog daily and an excellent adoption fees! friend can bring your dog because that a meet and an excellent and there are large yards and also dog runs for you to interact. Over there are little and huge .. Mutts and also purebreds young and old and wonderful cats too! Please examine it out and find a girlfriend today.

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Cleanest sanctuary Ive ever before been to. Everyone seems very caring and also wants the absolute finest for the animals. Adopted a puppy in ~ 9 weeks.