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Adjusted pistol Sq. Ft: 2,575Building Sq. Ft: 2,348# that Units: 1Legal Description: many 3 towns OF southern OAKS UNIT 41 PGS 54-54C
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Median revenue PriceMedian sale Price# of dwellings SoldMedian job on MarketSingle family members HomesAll house TypesSingle family members HomesTownhousesCondos/Co-ops
Some residences get multiple offers.The average residences sell for around 3% below list price and go pending in approximately 24 days.
Many houses get lot of offers, some through waived contingencies.The average homes sell for around 1% below list price and go pending in roughly 8 days.
Many dwellings get many offers, some v waived contingencies.The average dwellings sell for around 1% above list price and go pending in about 5 days.
Homes comparable to this residence are detailed between $150K come $1,195K at an typical of $230 per square foot.
Nearby homes similar to this home have recently sold between $344K come $1,020K in ~ an mean of $245 every square foot.
1979 LAVEIGNE RD is a 1,979 square foot residence on a 6,900 square foot lot. This house is right now off market.
Based top top princetoneclub.org's industry data, us calculate that market competition in 33585, this home's neighborhood, is somewhat competitive. Residences sell for around 3% listed below list price and also go pending in around 24 days.


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