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This Product has actually been approved for Locker Pickup service, however final compliance will be subject to weight and also size borders for the quantity ordered

The article is tested and also deemed vendible in the following vending devices as the EA and/or package Quantity.

WARNING: This product deserve to expose you come chemicals consisting of Lead, i beg your pardon is known to the State that California to cause cancer and also birth defects or various other reproductive harm. For much more information walk to
This is a directory Item
application for Connecting Rubber water tap
Connection type A x B hose x male NPT
complete level
Hex dimension 11/16"
length 1.50"
product Brass
size A 3/8"
dimension B 3/8"
Temperature -40°F - 160°F
kind water tap Barb
Weighted typical Lead content 2.5% - 3.7%
Working press 150 psi
Product Weight 0.3
UOM package of 5
Catalog Page BBV11, web page 13-8

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Brass water tap barb fittings room designed for use with a hose clamp or a crimped ferrule top top low-pressure waiting lines.