In the YouTube Facebook teams I’m in, these concerns seem to be more the norm 보다 the exception.

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But what have the right to you perform if you in this situation yourself?

One thing you can do is find for YouTube advice in forums, blogs and also directly on YouTube. However, many of the YouTube advice the end there is nice vague, or created by civilization who aren’t qualified to give advice (that’s why ns always try to stick come my personal experiences on this blog).

Another choice is to obtain a experienced consultation. In the last couple of years, rather a couple of companies have actually popped up that are specialized in YouTube consulting.

The problem: Those are expensive.

I’m talk $500 per hour to numerous thousand dollars every month.

And if that can be a valid choice for a profitable business, as a small YouTuber, you might not have the ability to afford that (I couldn’t!).

That’s wherein “30 Days to a much better YouTube Channel” through Tim Schmoyer come in.

What’s that?

“30 Days to a much better YouTube Channel” is one eBook the was written v the purpose of helping YouTubers of every sizes construct a better, much more successful YouTube channel. That is a step-by-step guide and also contains 30 chapters (plus 9 bonus chapters) that will offer you comprehensive information top top what to execute every day come raise your channel to the following level.

Who’s the author?

If you have actually looked for YouTube advice before, you can know Tim Schmoyer already. On his channel video clip Creators he publishes multiple videos a week the cover every little thing related to growing your YouTube channel.

Here’s one of his videos (he has actually over 700!):

While watching videos prefer this can certainly give you principles for her channel, friend might benefit from a much more systematic and also in-depth approach. And that’s specifically what you’ll discover in Tim’s book.

The content

What the publication is about

30 Days to a much better YouTube Channel is basically a step-by-step method to enhancing your YouTube channel. The publication is separated into 30 chapters (and 9 bonus chapters) the each covering a various YouTube marketing topic, for example YouTube collabs or playlists. Then, Tim tells you how to make the many out of this specific aspect.

While she going v the book, you are learning exactly how to build a much better brand, communicate your image much better and entice the best kind the subscribers. You also learn just how you have the right to promote yourself and be found more often in the YouTube find engine - every stuff that you need to understand when you want to build a effective channel.

When Tim Schmoyer called his eBook “30 Days come a far better YouTube Channel” he wasn’t kidding. This publication is 100% focused on helping you build your channel and also become a much more successful YouTuber.

What the book ISN’T about

Having said that, ns should mention what this book isn’t about: developing videos.

If you mainly trying to find a overview to boost your video lighting, discover some slick modifying techniques or want to know just how to upgrade your YouTube equipment, this no the publication for you.

Instead, 30 Days focuses on whatever that comes before and after you’ve developed a brand-new video: YouTube marketing.


My favorite thing about 30 Days come a much better YouTube Channel is the every thing is very actionable. In fact, every thing is complied with by a list of work that should be executed to complete the chapter. The course, you can skip the jobs (it’s a publication after all), but what would certainly be the suggest of that?

Here’s an example of together a task from the chapter “Playlists”:

“First that all, let’s ensure that the metadata because that all her playlists is up-to-date and also optimized both because that reach and also retention. Optimize the titles and descriptions of every of her playlists, specifically the playlists the are shown on the prior of her channel. Offer them titles that are especially descriptive and also enticing for new viewers. Also, consider updating few of them to it is in a series playlist, too, if you don’t already have some of the playlist’s videos in other playlists.”


Each task ar is adhered to by a number of links to different articles about the corresponding topic. This is good when you want to dive deeper into a topic and also don’t recognize where come start.

Bonus Chapters

One point I desire to point out is that, when the book title refers to “30 days” there room actually 9 bonus chapters in this book that emphasis on the topic of audience development. The was absolutely a quite surprise and gave me the emotion that Tim really wanted to pump this book full the information.

Can you yes, really do whatever in 30 days?

While the book is dubbed “30 Days come a much better YouTube Channel”, it can take much longer than 30 days to gain through the - and that’s okay. In fact, I watch this book more like a workbook the you can use continuously end a few months, and also that you also can come back to one or two years later.

Since her channel and also your idea of her channel grows v you, there’ll be constantly something to job-related at.I could imagine, though, that acquiring through this publication in 30 days would be a fun an obstacle (maybe even a fun challenge to vlog about!).

Why not simply use free advice?

When it pertains to advice, lots of world are skeptical around investing money. Girlfriend can uncover advice on any kind of topic for totally free on the internet, and also even YouTube chin offers plenty of training videos in its YouTube Creator Academy.

While totally free advice is great, the is normally harder come implement. Totally free articles and videos don’t offer you a entirety system that will aid you produce change.

30 Days might just be an eBook, but it is constructed like a course: when you go with it and just finish each task step-by-step, you will have actually a significantly much better channel in ~ the end.

There’s likewise a hidden cost to totally free advice: Time. Ns don’t mean the time you need to read and also implement new information - the will constantly be required. I typical the time friend spend searching for much better tutorials, articles and also videos and weeding v a lot of of reduced qualitycontent. This is time you can spend actually enhancing your channel!

The price

At $29.95, this publication comes at a fairly high price contrasted to eBooks of similar length. I can see just how this could be a deal breaker for numerous younger world who are already struggling with buying straightforward video equipment.

The question is: Is YouTube really the point you desire to do? If that is, 30 Days come a much better YouTube Channel can aid you through that. If you’re not so sure, or if you have other priorities right currently (like buying video equipment), maybe you don’t require this publication right now.

I personally think to buy 30 Days was a good investment. Basically, if something in this publication helps girlfriend make more than $30 in the lengthy term, security the money was worth it. And also if you use the information in this book to prosper your channel substantially, friend might have the ability to make hundreds or thousands of extr dollars.


Q: that is this publication for?

Tim claims on his website the this book is for absolute newbies and YouTube veterans. I agree v that for the many part, however I would say the it is more than likely most helpful for YouTubers through a subscriber count of less than 100,000.

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Q: what’s the book format?

The publication comes in a PDF style that deserve to opened by any kind of computer, tablet or phone.