This year we have actually an amazing and also terrifying collaboration in between FEARLANDIA and UNDERHILL HAUNTED HOUSE! 3 gigantic attractions, all in the basement of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum!


We indicate buying your tickets early and also online so the you deserve to skip the ticket office line and go right to entry to have your ticket scanned! you re welcome be mindful that ticket have an additional Ticketmaster handling fee per purchase (sorry….we need to use them due to the location). We have actually purposely kept ours prices reduced than various other attractions in the area trying to negate several of the extr cost.

After present opens in ~ 7 pm, day-of tickets space only available at package office.

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Kids Monster Fest are reserved for 2 matinees October 23-24. Solitary tickets are just 8 dollars, and when girlfriend buy 8 or an ext tickets the median price is just 5 dollars. Tickets are basic admission and also price is per human regardless that age.
The Haunted Manor (one attraction), magical flashlights, and prizes because that finding bother the Bat! This market valid digital only. Not available at box office.
$20 turn off admission. We additionally have choices for big groups the 13 or more up come 20% off. Pick your desired date and also make this a team affair. Or, attend with your co-workers, institution mates, friend or favorite undead. Nothing better to be scared…in a Group!
Group ticket are available to aid stretch her Halloween Budgets. Our family Saver fill saved much more than
$20 off admission. We likewise have choices for huge groups that 13 or more up to 20% off. Select your desired date and also make this a team affair. Or, attend v your co-workers, institution mates, friend or favorite undead. Nothing far better to be scared…in a Group!




Special notes on COVID and also the increased quarter

please read prior to purchasing tickets!

Due come the pandemic, the increased Quarter has actually instituted plans for guest and employee safety.

PROOF OF vaccination OR an unfavorable TEST REQUIREDAll guests, employees, andvolunteers ages 12 and up are forced to present proof of vaccination or an unfavorable COVID-19 PCR check within 72 hours prior to entry right into facility or a negative lab-based fast test in ~ 48 hoursbefore entry into facility

The adhering to Are Acceptable as Proof that Vaccination

– A CDC-issued inoculation card including the surname of the human vaccinated, the type of vaccination provided and the date that the critical dose to be administered. – A digitalor printedphoto of a CDC-issued vaccination card.

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The following Are Acceptable as Proof of A an adverse COVID-19 PCR Test

– Digital or printed photograph of an adverse COVID-19 PCR or rapid test outcomes that consists of the name of the ticketed in

Individuals through exemptions native the vaccine necessity must administer proof that a an adverse COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours prior to entry into the basic or a an adverse lab-based rapid test in ~ 48 hoursbefore entry into the facility.There room no exemptions come the trial and error requirement.


CASH cost-free CAMPUS

NO cigarette smoking ON SITE


Fear’s Gate - Something suspiciously is happening at Nufear’s Antingen, Inc.There are rumors of employees gone missing, or worse…..changed by a chemical spill.Nufear’s Antigen Inc. Is currently hiring!Will you survive employee orientation?

Night Terrors - challenge to enter a twisted collection of dreams and also thoughts, room after room of phobias and fears. Will you make it though to the end, or will certainly you face your worst nightmare?

Underhill Manor - Madam Underhill collects not just cursed objects, but lost souls.Enter she Victorian labyrinth at your very own risk….you might become component of her collection!

Finally, for little ones under the age of 12 (as well together those the all periods that room a little Haunted House-phobic), we current Kids Monster Fest, an role play matinee experience due to the fact that haunted houses are so much less scary in the daylight. Youngsters Monster Fest is certain to offer you chills and also a few scares yet in a wholesome, kid and also family-friendly environment. Also, as the only Halloween event targeted to family members with children (and friend adult scaredy cats, too), youngsters Monster Fest is the just Halloween event located in the Portland downtown metro area. With numerous parking and also a brief commute to keep you from driving approximately an hour come Hillsboro, Salem or Sauvie’s Island because that a corn maze or kid-oriented attraction, children Monster Fest is a perfect option. You can leave youngsters Monster Fest refreshed, a little bit scared and also a whole lot the excited about Halloween!