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What are they?Weatherby 180 gr ammo clocks 3350 in my rifle yet shows signs of high pressure.My handloads go around 3175, which isn"t that a lot even more than the books say a .300 Victory. have the right to obtain.I understand mule deer has a formula for predicting these points. I"m curious as to what others outcomes are.
Just from what I"ve review below at the Campfire, the realistic distinction between the to is approx. 100 fps. I do not own the Weatherby so I can"t say for sure personally.

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I have actually worked through a Ruger #1 in .300 win mag from 1976, and also a reasonably brand-new Mark V Ultralight in .300 Roy - both rifles have actually sensibly lengthy throats and 26" barrels - so although different provides and vintages, they are comparable rifles each with 26" barrels and long throats. Both are incredibly solid actions. Cartridge OAL is of no problem in the Ruger, as it would certainly be in a magazine rifle - and also you can seat 180gr Noslers well out tright here, about 3.65" OAL. The Weatherby deserve to take cartridge OAL"s to 3.665" and still fit them in the magazine. I"ve functioned mainly through 180"s in the Ruger, and 165"s in the Mark V, though future advancement will certainly be with 180"s.Weatherby clintends 3350fps via 165"s, and in fact factory ammo clocked 3425 out of my rifle. I obtained it approximately 3350 via 165"s and determined that was plenty, specifically considering that the load wtoo over book for Reloader 22, and also I was meeting manufacturing facility asserted velocities. I broke down one factory pack and also discovered it had a similar charge of an extruded powder. Case life seems satisfactory and accuracy was okay. I"ll attempt 180 Accubonds in the future, via an eye toward auodad searching. I think 3200-3250 is more than likely a realistic goal for that weight. Wby claims 3250 for their 180 factory loads. I have actually not tried any kind of of it in my rifle, just the 165"s.I"ve actually hit .300 Weatherby declared 180gr speeds out of the #1 .300 win mag, yet push was plainly also high and also the WW brass was expanding far too a lot. With 180"s out of the Ruger, I think 3100 is doable through great situation life and accuracy. That rate might not be achievable in a various rifle, specifically one via a 24" barrel, or a std size action and magazine box. And I think I"d set the goal still lower, if the rifle was an older Springarea or Mauser variant. The .30 cal Long Range Accubond might be a actual interesting bullet to try in the future.The short answer to the OP is I think the .300 Roy have the right to beat the .300 Victory mag by ~100-150 fps, for the a offered bullet and barrel size, in rifles of similar strength and allowable COAL. As far as which one I"d pick, it would certainly be a issue more of exactly how I favored the individual rifle for the task at hand also.