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If girlfriend desire overlapping or extra-large chest implants, advances with chest augmentation methods now do it safer. The bulk of breast implant manufacturers execute not develop prefilled silicone chest implants any larger than 800cc. Although chest implants end 500cc might be considered large, if you want to be top-heavy and also have a wide frame or simply desire yes, really large, fake-looking breasts, then even an 800cc breast implant might not be large enough.

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Breast Implant Options



Mentor https://www.mentorimplants.fi/files/mentor_tuotekatalogi_2016.pdf

Mentor create 1000cc chest implants, i m sorry is the biggest cc implant in the Becker range. The breast implants have 2 sections, the silicone-filled ar is 200cc and also the saline-filled section have the right to be approximately 800cc which renders the full breast implant volume 1000cc.

Alternative chest Implant Manufacturers

Tissue expanders are usually manufactured come go approximately 1000cc, although plenty of plastic operated doctor will proceed to include saline till they reach a volume of 2000cc.N.B once tissue expanders are overfilled any warranty is void.


Breast shape and placement v extra-large (XL) breast Implants


Generally once an XL chest implant is preferred a naturally shaped breast is not the patient’s goal. The exception may be when a woman has a broad frame and needs a greater cc volume to create cleavage and not a ‘fake’ chest shape. Creating natural-shaped breasts with a cc volume over 800cc is difficult. Anatomical (tear drop) shaped breast implants end 800cc would should be practice manufactured just for you, i m sorry is expensive. However, organization expanders deserve to be used and with mindful submuscular placement can still create a herbal breast shape also when they are over 1000cc’s.Placement of XL breast implants becomes a lot less complicated when you space happy to have actually ‘fake’ looking breasts. The bulk of plastic surgeons will still advise a submuscular placement for breast implants end 800cc’s together the muscle offers extra assistance to aid prevent the chest implants indigenous bottoming out. Submuscular placement likewise reduces the danger of the chest implants causing skin atrophy, where the skin becomes thinner as result of being excessively extended or breast implant extrusion, occurring.

How big is too big?


The only means to understand what you will certainly feel comfortable with as soon as it concerns XL breast implants is come buy a few bras and experiment v the ‘rice test’.This will certainly not offer you an exact reflection of exactly how you will look through breast implants, however, the can assist you to decide what bra size you would prefer to achieve.This will help your plastic operated doctor to identify the cc volume you will need and advise girlfriend appropriately about the choices available.



The Rice Test


I recommend having actually 2 bras, one the cup size you think you would favor to be and also then 1 a cup size smaller. Return it may be expensive to buy bras that space f, g, h or hh cup, that is much less expensive than needing to have revision surgery because your chest implants room either too big or not large enough. Take an old pair the tights or pantyhose and cut turn off the legs. To fill the leg v rice till it is the right size to fill up your bra and then location inside the bra, popular music on a t-shirt on and also wear because that 8 hours. After ~ 8 hrs you will have a an excellent idea of exactly how you will feel v breast implants big enough to satisfy your desired bra size and you might decide come drop a cup dimension or walk up a cup size. One of two people way, you have the right to just try again v a different bra the complying with day. Once you decide on a bra dimension I would advise friend wear the bra through the rice infills because that 8 hrs a day, for a week, to be certain that you are truly comfortable v the dimension you think friend want.Please read this information about how a chest augmentation procedure might be carry out when selecting XL chest implants and also the risks and also complications.

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Extra-large breast implant photo’s


Below are links to number of plastic surgeons who have actually galleries of their patients who have actually received extra-large breast implants. I am not recommending any kind of of this surgeons and provide the links simply as a visual resource.


The best size shown – 3000cc saline breasts implants



The preferably size shown – 1200cc saline breasts implants