Place Name Rochester
Average Rating 3
Place Address 320 Central AveRochesterNY 14605USA
Vicinity 320 Central Avenue, Rochester
Phone Number (800) 872-7245
Internationwide Phone +1 800-872-7245
Place Type train_station, transit_station, point_of_interemainder, facility

Location Information

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Full Address 320 Central Ave, Rochester, NY 14605, USA
Street Number 320
Route Central Avenue (Central Ave)
Neighborhood Upper Falls
Locality Rochester
Administrative Area Level 2 Monroe County
Administrative Area Level 1 New York (NY)
Country USA (US)
Postal Code 14605
Type train_station, transit_station, point_of_interemainder, establishment
Latitude 43.1635077
Longitude 43.1635077
Geo Location (43.1635077, -77.6081873)


★☆☆☆☆ Sc McKinney

We were told to be tbelow 1 hour prior to exit. The train was booked for 5:16 AM and we were tbelow before 4:00 AM. Tright here is no agent current till 5:00 AM and also no accessibility to the lobby or anything. It was complete waste of our time with absolutely nopoint to execute. The remainder rooms were absolutely filthy and also the dirtiest we had actually ever watched. Tright here are absolutely no instructions or directions of wbelow you must go, no information whatsoever before and no phone number or various other emergency indevelopment presented for the public. Many kind of others retained asking if this was the Amtrak terminal bereason of the absence of signage. The waiting area for the train exit is a joke. There is just a cover overhead and absolutely no defense from the elements on the sides. Thank fully we departed on a good day. This will be our first and our last trip on Amtrak and also we absolutely would never before recommend the Rochester, NY area as we would consider it a finish embarrassment for our city. The Amtrak terminal at Rochester, New York was simply unbelievable.


★★★☆☆ Christopher Osgood

The present Amtrak station is an extremely small short-term station while the new one is under building. There is very bit room in the waiting room, and the little platform reasons a bit of chaos once boarding a much longer train. Parking is exceptionally limited. We arrived over an hour prior to our train wregarding decomponent, and also the lot was completely complete. At a finish loss for what to carry out, I walked right into the station and spoke through Amtrak employee Brain that was very helpful. He aided us to park alengthy a fence and also assured us our auto would certainly not be towed. I"m exceptionally thankful for his help!


★☆☆☆☆ Matt Schmanke

Beautiful looking train terminal....parking for 15 cars! Who ever is responsible for the parking style have to be fired! Plan on parking in a garage or having someone drop you off


★★☆☆☆ Christopher Carlsboy

Seems like the antechamber to Oblivion....Soulless, falling apart, provides many bus stations look good by comparison.A disgrace to the city of Rochester!


★☆☆☆☆ Chris Leisten

I have never competent customer service so horrible in my life. The men assisting riders were extremely rude and extremely unskilled. Never before aget.

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