The historic theatre is activate by the non-profit 501(c)3 Ventures, Inc. And is s County’s premier to chat venue. THE opened its doors in 1922 and its landmarked inner shines together brightly now as that did then. Situated in historic downtown Lakewood, new Jersey, THE is easily accessible and uses a wide range of live entertainment including concerts, dance, musicals, & theater, comic performances, and arts education and learning to all of brand-new Jersey and the bordering region. In addition, THE features activities for senior citizens and theater camps for children and teens.

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The facility for the Arts400 Clifton path Lakewood, NJ 08701(732) 367-7789
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For any type of of the upcoming shows at our new Jersey theater digital or at our crate Office, i beg your pardon is open up on Fridays in between 2:00 PM and also 6:00 PM and also 2 hours prior to every show.
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*Beginning September 16, 2021, patrons will certainly be forced to existing one of the adhering to to attend occasions at The Theater:

– proof of complete vaccination– A an unfavorable COVID-19 check taken in ~ 48-72 hrs of door time

ALL patrons are compelled to remain masked throughout all events, other than while eating or drinking.

*For events prior come September 16, 2021, masks will certainly be strongly ENCOURAGED.

The Theater occasions are being offered to complete legal capacity, subject to local, state and/ or federal limitations in ar at the moment of the event. If any type of show needs to be rescheduled and also you cannot do the new date, you have the right to request a refund.

Not feeling well? Refunds are accessible up to three hours prior to showtime.Please call our box office, 732-367-7789, if girlfriend have any questions or concerns.

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The theater reserves the appropriate to eliminate anyone exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. In this instances, patrons and their guest will get a refund. Please, do not concerned the present if you’re not feeling well.