With workplaces all roughly the world, Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Target operates 1,800 general merchandise discount stores in the US, 40 distribution centers throughout 23 states, and also a totally integrated online business. Target product categories include grocery, household, beauty, toys, and electronics. Target intends to preserve a preferred shopping destination for customers, and also the role of a responsible corporate citizen by ethical behavior, diversity and also integrity - the certain respects and values the personality of every team members. That is corporate society lies ~ above teamwork, nourished through a fast-paced, fun, and friendly atmosphere. As soon as joining the Target team, you will have the possibility to get associated in supporting areas through volunteerism, from renovating elementary school libraries and also donating food to the hungry, to responding to disasters and also reading through students. As a Target team member, your contribution will certainly be rewarded v incentives, together as several health and also financial benefits (medical and also pharmacy, dental, and also vision benefits), support programs because that life events, life insurance, TGT 401(k), vacation, national holidays, personal days and also well-being time.
Job description

Target security SpecialistApply now (https://target.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/targetcareers/job/4004-Rte-130-N-DelranNJ-08075-2414/Target-Security-Specialist_R0000133191) project ID:R0000133191 task family:Store Hourly - defense & Loss prevention schedule:Variable Location:4004 Rte 130 N, Delran, new Jersey, united States, 08075-2414;


As component of our collaborative and also guest-obsessed team, you aid us produce an experience that provides guests say, “I love Target!” when you job-related at Target, you’re helping every family find the happiness in day-to-day life. You’re working alongside a specialized team the cares, grows, and wins together. A team the is inclusive, renders connections, and also brings their passion and also pride come all that they do. You will supply a destination shopping endure by offering a safe and secure atmosphere for ours guests and also mitigate shortage risks in stimulate to drive sales.

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Assets defense (AP) teams role to keep our guests, team and also brand safe and secure and also lead through situation events. Castle protect financially rewarding sales through mitigating shortage risks, preventing, investigating and resolving theft and fraud to ensure product is obtainable for our guest.

At Target, we think in ours team members having systematic experiences that aid them build and also develop skills for a career. The function of a Target protection Specialist can carry out you through the:

Skills making use of intelligence-led techniques to keep team members and guests safe and also secure

Experience in crisis response, safety and crowd management; giving support come both guests and team members

Skills in de-escalation as well as experience through recovering steal merchandise to prevent shortage

Ability to make use of Target's video surveillance system

Ability to properly document cases making use of industry instance management systems

As a Target security Specialist, no 2 days are ever the same, however a usual day will most likely include the adhering to responsibilities:

Support sales by welcoming and also engaging guests and team members in ~ the prior of store and also on the sales floor; assist guests find the commodities they are trying to find in-store and online

Lead a physical security society for our team members and guests by assessing and also maintaining safe and also secure requirements throughout the store, consisting of exterior property

Respond to and also accurately paper security incidents

Understand and leverage escalation tools for guest problems in bespeak to administer a safe and secure atmosphere for our team members and also guests

Conduct abundant merchandise recoveries and provide apprehension support as needed, strict adhering to AP policies and procedures and AP leadership guidance

Prevent theft and shortage at the former of store by performing receipt checks because that exposed high-dollar merchandise

Submit ideal documentation in the mechanism for every incidents following AP policy and procedures

Understand and appropriately use the video clip system

Train team members to use merchandise protection and also audit execution

Teach and train team members on operational shortage focus area opportunities as directed by AP leadership

Execute shortage action plans collection by AP management to minimization shortage in focus areas

Model functioning safely while preserving a clean keep for guests and team members

Provide service and a shopping suffer that meets the demands of the guest

Demonstrate a society of honest conduct, safety and compliance

All various other duties based upon business needs


We might be a good match if:

Working in a fun and also energetic setting makes girlfriend excited…. We occupational efficiently and as a team to provide for our guests

Providing business to our guests that renders them say ns LOVE TARGET! excites you…. That’s why us love working at Target

Stocking, setup and offering Target products sounds like your thing… That’s the main point of what we do

You aren’t trying to find Monday thru Friday project where you room at a computer all day… We room busy all day (especially ~ above the weekends), making it easy for the guest to feel welcomed, inspired and also rewarded

The an excellent news is the we have some impressive training the will assist teach you whatever you need to understand to be a Target defense Specialist.

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But, there room a few skills friend should have actually from the get-go:

High school diploma or equivalent

Must be at the very least 18 years of age or older

Meet any type of state or regional licensure and/or other legal requirements related to the position

Welcoming and helpful attitude toward guests and other team members

Learn and also adapt come current an innovation needs

Effective communication skills

Work both independently and with a team

Manage workload and prioritize tasks independently

We space an awesome place to work and also care around our teams, therefore we want to make sure we are clear ~ above a couple of more basics that we expect:

Climb up and down ladders

Apprehend subjects in accordance with company policy

Scan, handle and move was efficiently and safely, including frequently lifting or moving merchandise up to 40 pounds

Flexible occupational schedule (e.g., nights, weekends and holidays) and also regular attendance necessary

Americans v Disabilities action (ADA)

Target will provide reasonable accommodations (such together a qualified sign language interpreter or other an individual assistance) through the application process upon your request as compelled to comply with applicable laws. If you have a disability and also require aid in this application process, please visit her nearest Target save or Distribution facility or reach the end to Guest services at 1-800-440-0680 for extr information.