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Our mission is come share our christian values and also offer positive occasions for ours community. We space a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
THE CHRISTMAS CAVE: A Christmas light spectacular!GPS: 4007 White Gravel McDaniel Road, Minford, OH.Ohio"s newest holiday heritage is about to come lively for our second season at the White Gravel Mines in Minford, OH. The Christmas cavern is a self-guided light diplay presented uniquely in the beautiful and also mysterious passageways that an secret mine whereby over 21,000 human being visited critical year.

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Our museum-quality displays depict the historic moments surrounding the birth of the Savior. Start a brand-new family tradition and also enjoy this complimentary event featuring thousands of twinkling lights, the sounds of Christmas, and also exhibit narratives that will open up your eye to the best story ever told.*We have TONS that parking, so no waiting to park her car!*16 Biblical scene underground3 Nativity Exhibits2 classic Tunnels the LightsNew out DisplaysThousands that LightsPhoto warm Spots4 Glorious Parking Lots!Commemorative Items: Ornaments and Christmas Cards