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About 4304 W 13 Mile Rd royal Oak, MI 48073

This charming one bedroom garden format apartment is ready for friend to relocate right in! Laminate and ceramic tile floors throughout. Private Entry! Over-sized closet in bedroom. Bonus storage closet. Bathroom shade may vary.Heat, water, carport & Wi-Fi included. Coin laundry on site. Protection deposit is equal to one month rent. Credit and also background examine must be perfect - NO PETS enabled and NO smoking cigarettes inside the unit.

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4304 W 13 Mile Rd is an apartment located in Oakland County, the 48073 ZIP Code, and also the attendance zone.

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much less than 15 miles northeast the Detroit, cradled whereby I-75 intersects I-696, is royal Oak. While imperial Oak is a suburb the Detroit, it also has its very own downtown area containing over 70 restaurants in enhancement to retail shops and also nightlife venues. Among the nightlife venues in Downtown imperial Oak are royal Oak Music Theatre, mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, and Stagecrafters Baldwin Theatre. Significant events organized in Downtown royal Oak incorporate the Ford Arts, Beats, and also Eats Festival and component of the Woodward Dream Cruise. The Detroit Zoo is also located in imperial Oak.

Convenient to major highways and Downtown Detroit, royal Oak offers citizens a small-town feel near the big-city vibe as well as basic commutes and travels.

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4304 W 13 Mile Rd is within 10 minute or 4.5 mile from Oakland ar College. That is additionally near Lawrence technological University.


4304 W 13 Mile Rd is near Detroit City, located 15.8 mile or 29 minutes away, and Detroit Metropolitan, situated 29.3 mile or 47 minute away.

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4304 W 13 Mile Rd has 3 purchase centers in ~ 1.0 miles, which is around a 20-minute walk. The miles and also minutes will certainly be for the the furthest away property.
4304 W 13 Mile Rd has actually 5 parks in ~ 7.2 miles, including Catalpa Oaks ar Park, Belle Isle Nature Zoo, and Detroit Zoo.

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