Safety First

For her safety and also that of ours team members us encourage all guests wear masks when shopping in ours showrooms. In certain locations, due to local federal government mandates, masks are required.

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For your ideal shopping experience

Measure your room come ensure suitable furniture fit develop a perform of favored Items to expedite shopping bring pictures or other incentive to design your perfect space




about The Fremont Store

Since its opening in September 2016, the 94,700 square foot showroom at life Spaces Fremont has come to be the eastern Bay’s go-to location for residence décor in ~ unbeatable prices. Conveniently situated minutes away from highway 880, this furniture store close to San Jose has a large selection, helpful staff, and also countless displays for style inspiration.

If you room traveling south on the 880, take departure 10 ~ above Dixon Landing Road. Turn best onto Dixon Landing Road, and take a ideal onto Fremont Boulevard. In 0.2 miles, life Spaces Fremont will certainly be ~ above your best hand side.

If you room driving northbound on the 880, take departure 10 top top Dixon Landing Road. Keep left for Dixon Landing road West because that 0.2 miles, and then keep ideal for 0.3 miles. Turn right onto Dixon Landing Road and also then store left. Turn ideal onto Fremont Boulevard and in 0.2 miles, the location will be on the right hand side.

Offering plenty of parking, electric vehicle charging, and also bicycle parking, gaining to the keep is straightforward and stress and anxiety free. The Fremont keep is spacious and also walker, wheelchair, and scooter friendly.

Looking because that discounted furniture in Fremont? We have a 14,400 square foot clearance center with dozens the manufacturer close-outs, unique order cancellations, clearance items, and also floor models. We also have an daily Low Price guarantee so you deserve to shop learning you’re acquiring the ideal price possible. See the same specific model advertised at a lower price 30 days before or after her purchase? carry in the local advertisement and also we’ll match our competitor’s price and even take off an additional 10%!

Trying to visualize what your space would look choose furnished v Living Spaces furniture? This only Area furniture store additionally has an innovative 3D Room Designer tool. Fully equipped through realistic, digital versions of our furniture, you can develop an attractive, three-dimensional image of your dream design. Need assist bringing her vision come life? Our designers are happy to aid you draw, design, and also style your space.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, ApplePay, and AndroidPay payments. Additionally, we have actually a convenient option for unique furniture financing with a living Spaces credit card through Synchrony Bank. Applying in store or digital is quick and also easy. We likewise offer living Spaces gift cards with completely customizable amounts, easily accessible in store only.

In addition to our showroom and also clearance center, we additionally have a sizeable 194,800 square foot distribution facility just 6 miles away. Stop the included expense of a delivery fee by selecting our practically same-day pickup option and also visit ours 41088 Boyce Rd, Fremont, CA 94538 warehouse.

Whether you’re picking up from ours Fremont furniture save or distribution center, customer pickup is quick and easy. Simply shop online, in store, or over the phone, pull right into the circulation center’s parking area, carry out our valuable staff through your ID, the credit transaction card you used for the purchase, and also your receipt. Sit ago and relax while our staff carefully loads the order into your car.

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We additionally offer an additional option because that white gloves delivery. With one flat shipment fee, we will deliver, unpack, and also assemble an unlimited variety of items in the room of her choice.