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Indianapolis's enrollment policy is not based specifically on geography. Please inspect the institution district website to view all institutions serving this home.
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Median revenue PriceMedian revenue Price# of residences SoldMedian work on MarketCondos/Co-opsAll home TypesSingle family HomesTownhousesCondos/Co-ops
Multiple uses are rare.The average houses sell for around 3% listed below list price and also go pending in approximately 32 days.
Some homes get multiple offers.The average homes sell for around 2% below list price and also go pending in about 21 days.
Multiple provides are rare.The average homes sell for about 5% listed below list price and also go pending in about 64 days.
This area is a walker's paradise — day-to-day errands carry out not call for a car. Transit is good, with many nearby public transport options. It's a biker's paradise — day-to-day errands deserve to be completed on a bike.
Nearby homes comparable to this home have actually recently sold in between $303K to $575K at an average of $225 per square foot.
Based top top's market data, we calculate that market competition in 46204, this home's neighborhood, is not-very competitive. Residences sell for around 3% below list price and go pending in around 50 days.
Nearby schools encompass Paramount community Heights, Paramount mass Ave and also Center for Inquiry college 2. The closest grocery store stores room Needlers new Market, swamp Supermarket and Whole Foods. Surrounding coffee shops encompass Coat check Coffee, Starbucks and also Henry's coffee Bistro. Nearby restaurants incorporate The Rathskeller, Salt top top Mass and also Subway. 502 N brand-new Jersey St #1 is close to WellPoint Headquarters, Veterans' Memorial Plaza and also Indiana human being War Memorial.
The full resolve for this residence is 502 North new Jersey Street Apartment 1, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.


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