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Glendale's Recycling center

The City of Glendale"s Recycling center is the main processing facility because that materials accumulated in the City"s Recycling Program. Sorting lines separate the recyclables at this materials Recovery basic (MRF) to produce bales (cardboard, aluminum, etc.). Suppliers then buy this bales come make brand-new products. Allan company operates Glendale"s Recycling Center.Watch the below video clip from the Allan company websiteto learn just how a products Recovery facility works.

Glendale Recycling Center540 W. Chevy chase Dr.Glendale, CA 91204

(818) 552-2870

Map to Recycling Center


Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 4:45 pmSaturday 8:00 am- 3:30 pm

Holiday Hours

Memorial Day, independence Day, labor Day, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving Day: 7:30 am- 2:30 pmChristmas work and brand-new Year"s Day: CLOSEDAll other holidays: Normal organization hours

The Recycling center Pays Cash for The following Recyclable Materials:

Newspaper & Mixed file Cardboard Scrap Metal-Aluminum, copper & stainless steel.

Drop off The complying with Items For cost-free (NOT PAID):

TIN & BI-METAL CANS BEVERAGE CARTONS ELECTRONICS: battery (except vehicle batteries), cabinet phones, computers/towers, radios, tablets, and televisions. $0.35 (Thirty five Cents) every POUND fee FOR short GRADE ELECTRONICS:Printers, fax machines, DVD/VCR players, VHS/CD"s tapes, stereos, speakers, lamps, vacuums, coffee pots, toasters, microwaves, and any items containing circuit boards. Please contact the Allan firm 818-552-2870. GLASS party & JARS PAPER PLASTIC bottles & CONTAINERS:Margarine containers, milk jugs, mouthwash, plastic planters, shampoo, soda, shampoo, and yogurt containers PLASTIC (MISCELLANEOUS): to wash baskets, non-electric plastic toys, plastic swim pools and padded mailers with bubble wrap. SCRAP METAL:Brass, copper, copper wire, pans, pie tins, and also wire hangers

The facility doesNOT ACCEPT:

Ammunition black Plastic chemicals Clothes/shoes Cookware Explosives/Firework Garden Hoses command Light Bulbs Plastic Bags Mattresses medical Waste (Includes: drugs & Syringes) PVC tube Paint/solvents Pane Glass pesticides Plastic Eating utensils Oil/filters radioactive Items STYROFOAM blocks & PEANUTS Tires trash or Wood

Accounts available For businesses & Organizations

Large businesses, groups, and also organizations deserve to open distinct accounts in ~ the Recycling Center. With an account, materials deserve to be deposited and also the cash value is tape-recorded for payment monthly or ~ above demand.

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With an account, girlfriend can additionally authorize the center to automatically donate cash received from recyclable products to a designated charity.