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The Wujek-Calcaterra family members own and operate two houses in Macomb County, Michigan. Our Sterling Heights Funeral residence was founded in 1984 ~ above the corner of subway Parkway and also Schoenherr. Ours Shelby Charter Township Funeral house was created in 1998 top top the corner of 25 Mile and Van Dyke.

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As warm and welcoming as the original, the Wujek Calcaterra Funeral house in Shelby Township provides quiet family members meeting rooms whereby privacy is paramount. From a peacefully secluded library to several charming coffee lounges and also break rooms, our Shelby Township Funeral residence invites you to take refuge in the basic elegance of her surroundings. Inside and out, native hand-cut stone arches come the many fireplaces, every information of our Shelby Township Funeral house reflects the highest ideals of lull grace and also exceptional beauty.

At ours Sterling Heights Funeral Home… welcome sunlight, comfortable furniture and also graceful décor make our spacious visitation rooms an ideal gathering place for family and also friends. Our libraries space havens of solitude and also solace – v a collection of sources that provide comfort and also reassurance. Our Sterling Heights Funeral home is your home throughout a time the loss… and every last information reflects ours desire to surround ours guests through warmth, comfort and exquisite beauty.

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Wujek-Calcaterra & Son, Inc. Has always prided itself as being progressive and adapting come societal changes and also desires. Both ours Sterling Heights Funeral Home and also our Shelby Township Funeral home are state that the arts in terms of modern technology related enhancements. Us are completely WiFi friendly. We are well equipped through flat display screen monitors in every chapel. Ours sound system in both or Sterling Heights Funeral Home and our Shelby Township Funeral residence utlizies the most cutting edge materials with one audio library of end 50,000 hymns and also songs. Our countless lounges, both private and also public, have given respite and relaxation come our plenty of visitors; every while allowing families to break bread and enjoy the fellowship of friends.



memory are one of the most important treasures we share with family and also friends; Wujek-Calcaterra is proud to market the really finest amenities to your family and guests so the the memory of her loved one will certainly be common in a dignified and also elegant manner. Often regarded as among the finest establishments in the country, ours amenities include:Large, flat display TV’s and also DVD players in every chapel to help in the city hall of family photosGracious next site appointed with modern furnishingsVisitation rooms and also chapels the accommodate tiny and large gatheringsMultiple lounges transparent the structures with fresh coffee and also waterCafé business for break bread in fellowshipComfortable libraries and also sitting roomsLimousine serviceAssistance in ordering flowersHeadstones / MonumentsBagpipers/ special Musicians24 hour available staffNotary publicly serviceGrief support Group assisted in by Maximum life Consultants“On-Line Guestbook”

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