2019$588 (+1.7%)$843$2,084$2,9272018$578 (+20.8%)$843$2,084$2,9272017$479 (+7.5%)$667$1,556$2,2232016$445 (+9.4%)$667$1,556$2,2232015$407 (+17.6%)$667$1,556$2,2232014$346 (+2.1%)$505$1,363$1,8682013$339 (+1.1%)$505$1,363$1,8682012$335 (−9.1%)$505$1,363$1,8682011$369 (−5.9%)$562$1,713$2,2752010$392 (+4.4%)$562$1,846$2,4082009$375 (+8.4%)$562$1,846$2,4082008$346 (+1.0%)$556$1,859$2,4152007$343$556$1,859$2,415
Chicago's enrollment policy is no based solely on geography. Please examine the institution district website to watch all institutions serving this home.

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School data listed by GreatSchools. Institution service borders are intended to be used as recommendation only. To verify enrollment eligibility because that a property, call the school directly.
Multiple offers are rare.The average dwellings sell for about 2% below list price and also go pending in about 46 days.
Some residences get lot of offers.The average homes sell for about 2% listed below list price and also go pending in about 19 days.
Some dwellings get multiple offers.The average dwellings sell for about 2% listed below list price and also go pending in about 20 days.
This area is a walker's paradise — daily errands do not need a car. Transit is excellent and also convenient for most trips. It's practically to use a bicycle for most trips.
Homes similar to this home are noted between $250K to $1,750K at an average of $385 every square foot.
Nearby homes comparable to this home have recently sold in between $290K come $1,390K at an mean of $410 every square foot.
Nearby schools include Christian legacy Academy - Chicago Campus, Chicago Grammar School and Payton university Preparatory High School. The closest grocery store stores space Chicago Lights city Farm, Jewel-Osco and Ricci's nuts. Nearby coffee shops encompass Starbucks, cafe Blue and also The everyday Grind. Surrounding restaurants include Texican, SNARFBURGER and also Snarf's Sandwiches. 600 W Chicago Ave Unit GU78 is close to Durse Park, Park 315 and also Aaron Montgomery Ward Park.
Comparable nearby homes include 845 N Kingsbury St #304, 845 N Kingsbury St #704, and also 873 N Larrabee St #311.


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