It’s to be a great summer, and so good to check out so numerous of friend again! however the summer has passed, and also Tiny town is closed for the season. We are looking forward to seeing you again following year!

Trains depart from the station about every 1/2 hour, much more often top top weekends and also holidays. The journey lasts 9 to 10 minutes, and allows you to see components of the park that room not accessible any other way.

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Fare is just $3, and kids under 2 ride complimentary with one adult.

You"re welcome to lug your picnic basket or cooler to the picnic area under our towering pine tree trees.

Picnic tables await you, but due come fire considerations, no barbecues or open up flames are permitted. Us can"t permit glass containers -- damaged glass spoils the funny for everyone.

We’re happy to have actually you carry your birthday girl or boy, and all their friends and also parents to celebrate their unique day at small Town. Friend can bring your friends, presents, cakes and all the fixin’s, and also remember girlfriend can gain ice cream cones indigenous the snack bar. If you’re planning a huge group (more 보다 12), please contact our office at (303) 697-6829 between 10am and 4pm and also let us recognize when you planning ~ above coming.

We really favor hosting great on ar trips, work camp events, and the like.Please speak to us in ~ (303) 697-6829 in between 10am and 4pm with any questions you may have, and also to allow us know when she planning her trip. We look front to having you visit.

The gift shop is located next to the loading platform because that train rides, and also you will find a variety of small Town and train-themed gifts for children of every ages. The snack bar is the ar for a chili dog lunch or something cool to drink. We likewise have everyone’s favorite summer snack: Ice Cream!

Tickets for park admission and also train rides are easily accessible at the gate. We can accept Visa and also Mastercard credit/debit cards, and cash.

Adults: $5Kids period 2-12: $4 children under 2: totally free with adult admission Train rides: $3

Hours of Operation

Tiny city is open Memorial job weekend with Labor Day. Open at 10:00 AM, and closes promptly at 4:00 afternoon weekdays, 5:00 afternoon weekends.

Driving directions & totally free Parking

From the intersection of C-470 and also Highway 285 (Hampden) Click for mapHead south into the hills on highway 285 because that 6 miles.Exit at phibìc Turkey Creek Road.Turn left (east) and go under highway 285 and proceed to the prevent sign.Turn left on southern Turkey Creek Road. Go around 1/2 mile and also Tiny town is ~ above the left. Complimentary parking is in the 2 lots top top the right.

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We have the right to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and comparable mobility helpers top top the platform for the boarding convenience that those who want to ride the train. There is a tenderness sloping led path native the entrance every the way down come the picnic and playground areas, for this reason everyone can enjoy their day together. V the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired, no dog or other pets are permitted in the park.