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This attend to has been provided for organization registration by l & G Partners, LLC. The price of improvements made to this thoreau is $136,005. The value of the soil is most likely around $310,023. Windy records suggest that nineteen permits have actually been authorize for tasks on the site. The most recent permit’s date is march 19, 1998. The property is classified as a solitary family dwelling. #11901006M02 is the package number. This home functions a studio bedroom. The floor area is 7.92 acres. This resolve is regularly written as 690 eastern 36th Strt, Tucson, AZ 85713-4800. The ZIP code for this attend to is 85713 and also the postal password suffix is 4800. The southern Park ar contains this property. Latitude and also longitude for the address: 32.1917734,-110.9609901. Occupants of 85713 pay about $930 a month because that a 2-bedroom unit. Cox interactions offers the fastest net access.

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