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WHEN:Saturday, February 11, 2017 TIME: 9 am to 1 afternoon


Tech intake Saint Paul, 698 prior Avenue N, Saint Paul, MN 55104

Tech Dump golden Valley: 825 Boone Ave North. #100, gold Valley, MN 55427

For more information, visit: take it a technology Dump during Salvage Saturdays in February + Cracked screen Special

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Green Tips

Learn native Minneapolis

The City that Minneapolis continues to it is in a national leader in reducing the impact of global warming on our planet. Minneapolis’ sustainability work is guided by 24 indicators that measure up our progression at developing a sustainable future for our residents. Inspect out this write-up to learn around Minneapolis’ sustainability accomplishments and it is in inspired.

Green your Laundry

Green laundry methods are great for the environment and for her wallet! usage cold water, wash just when garments are dirty, heat dry clothing year round, buy focused laundry detergent in refillable containers, use non-chlorine bleach, and purchase energy Star appliances once possible.

Check the end our complete list of green laundry tips!

Reduce Waste as soon as You Travel

Travelers can generate a most waste and also pollution, even with the best intentions. But it isn’t difficult to do a couple of changes that can assist us prevent a the majority of trash and also otherwise green up ours time away from home. It is our duty to take care of the places we inhabit, and also to display that we respect the place we space traveling to, the others inhabit.

Check out an ext tips top top reducing rubbish while traveling!

Choose Safe arts Supplies

Arts and also crafts materials can be hazardous to your health and also the environment. Also though the Labeling the Hazardous Art products Act that 1988 calls for stringent labeling the hazardous materials in art supplies, countless materials are out of compliance. This post offers advice to assist you choose safe art supplies, to add substitutes to harmful substances.

Lead Your ar to Sustainability

People in tiny towns, suburban communities, and also urban communities all end Minnesota and western Wisconsin are banding with each other to make their communities an ext livable and also sustainable. Space you ready to do sustainable transforms in her community? This short article offers countless tips for getting started, consisting of learning much more about sustainability plus just how to develop an activity plan for your city.

Purchase Low flow Plumbing Fixtures

Your family members can conserve 13,000 gallons of water per year v a low do the washing up toilet, 2,900 gallons v a low circulation shower head and also 700 gallons with faucet aerators. Reduce temperature and also usage of warm water will additionally save money and energy.

Find more good water saving tips v our residence Water Audit Checklist!

Plant a Seed, grow a Community

Community Gardens are neighborhood spaces that room communally cultivated and also cared for; this spaces might consist that individually-worked plots, multiple person caretaker areas, sit areas, and small-scale children play areas. Some say neighborhood gardens are the last existing opportunity Americans need to reclaim common spaces. This short article offers good information around the numerous benefits community gardens provide.

Check Windows and also Doors for power Efficiency

Here room some basic tips because that Home power Savings:

Leaky windows, doors and frames can let out the wait you payment to warm or cool. As soon as a year, inspect the caulking around your windows, doors and joints to make sure whatever is sealed tightly.Install weather stripping around any kind of leaky windows and doors.If you usage storm windows, inspect them each winter come be sure they administer a an excellent seal and also are no cracked.If you have only solitary glaze windows, you deserve to purchase do-it-yourself plastic storms that simply tape right into place.If you use window air conditioners, take it them out for the winter. If they room attached to the wall surface or too huge to move, make certain they are well-covered through insulating product to stop leaking a many your heat air.If you have actually a fireplace, install a glass door that reduces hot air loss.

Start Backyard Composting

Did you understand that the typical Minnesota family throws 15 pounds the compostable materials right into the garbage every single week? Composting is simple and simple means to have actually an immediate an individual impact by diverting trash indigenous the landfill or incinerator. Backyard composting takes leaves, grass clippings, veggie scraps, coffee grounds, eggshells, and also tissue and also turns lock into beneficial compost that reduces the amount of water and also fertilizer forced for her yard and garden, improves soil quality and supplies important nutrients because that plant growth.

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Learn more!

Host a Climate Café

Climate cafés space a relatively brand-new offshoot that the café conversation movement, which takes its inspiration from philosophical conversation groups. These discussion cafés sell a venue because that respectful publicly conversation ~ above the complicated subjects encountering us daily. You can host a discussion anywhere and also get the climate conversation going. Interested? inspect out this article.

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