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Office home For Lease

2,500 square foot office through 4 private offices and also common area. Brick walls, high wood joist ceilings. Located at the corner of the structure looking the end at the edge of Randolph & Hasted, among the hottest areas in the city.

Right at the edge of Randolph & Halsted St. Surrounded by restaurants. High profile Fulton sector district which is one of the hottest locations in the city.


repertoire Street overcome Street traffic Volume Year distance
West Randolph Street Randolph St 749 2020 0.02 mi
Kennedy Expressway W Randolph St 3,827 2020 0.03 mi
I- 90 W Randolph St 272,281 2020 0.03 mi
I- 90 Ramp 300,870 2015 0.03 mi
West Randolph Street I- 90 232,652 2020 0.03 mi
West Randolph Street I- 90 7,985 2020 0.04 mi
I- 90 Ramp 261,607 2014 0.05 mi
I- 90 W Washington Blvd 254,159 2020 0.05 mi
Kennedy Expressway W Randolph St 8,824 2020 0.05 mi
I- 90 W Randolph St 294,910 2018 0.06 mi


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