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Visiting the Hospital

For the security of our patients, caregivers, and visitors, we room limiting hospital visitors.Learn moreabout our policy and exceptions.

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To uncover out particular information about what to expect during your stay at the hospital, seePatients and also Visitors.

Patient and Visitor Entrance

Daly or Wesson entrances from 12 noon – 8 pm daily Chestnut building for patients only – key entrance under the canopy native 5 to be – 7 afternoon daily

Parking for Patients & Visitors

Free parking 24 hours a day/seven work a week.

Valet solutions are in ~ the adhering to locations:

Daly lobby: 8 to be – 4:30 pm together Monday - Friday Wesson lobby: 8 am – 4:30 pm l Monday - Friday Chestnut Building: 7:30 to be – 3:30 pm together Monday - Friday Emergency Department: 9 am – 12 to be l Monday – Friday

Finding Your way in the Hospital

If you need assist finding your way, ask who wearing a Baystate wellness badge because that help. Girlfriend may likewise download Baystate Health’s mobile app, WayToGo, or use the campus map (pdf).

Dining solutions

North Café: full business cafeteriaLocation: Daly Building, second floorHours: 6 am–6 pm 7 days a week

Breakfast: 6 am–10:30 amLunch: 11 am–4 pmDinner: 4 pm–6 pm

Atwater\"s coffee shop in the Marketplace: bistro layout cafeLocation: Daly structure lobby, 3rd floorMonday-Friday: 6 am–3 amSaturday and Sunday: 11 am–3 am

Chestnut Café: counter serviceLocation: Chestnut Building, soil floorHours: 7:30 am–2:30 pm Monday–Friday

Gift Shops

Order online for Baystate Medical center

Same-day, bedside distribution of gifts and also flowers is easily accessible at Baystate Medical center including the Wesson Women and also Infants’ Unit and Baystate Children’s Hospital.

SHOP ONLINE currently

Marketplace Gift Shop

Location: Daly Building, third floor near the key lobbyHours: Monday – Friday, 7 to be to 8 pmSaturday and Sunday, 8 to be to 7 pmPhone: 413-794-4929

Wesson Gift Shop

Location: Wesson Women’s Building, floor floorHours: Monday – Friday, 9 am to 8 afternoon Saturday and also Sunday, 9 to be to 7 pmPhone: 413-794-0213

About Baystate clinical Center

Baystate Medical facility (BMC) is a 716-bed independent academic medical center and a training website for the university of Massachusetts medical School-Baystate. BMC is also our community\"s major referral hospital, offering the highest possible level of care for conditions such as cancer, acute and chronic cardiovascular illness, nervous system illness, cradle illness, and also other conditions that affect the significant organ systems of the body. In ~ Baystate Children\"s Hospital, located on our main Springfield campus and also represented in outpatient places throughout our community, we care for acute and also chronic childhood illness, too.

Fast truth

end 1,100 medical staff physicians 99 clinical trials underway 536 volunteers gave 47,770 hrs of their time Region’s just Level 1 Trauma Center and pediatric trauma center 218,931 prescriptions filled in ~ our pharmacy 12-bed unit provides devoted inpatient care for children and also adolescents

Community health and wellness Needs Assessment

Each year, a consultant team researches the social and also economic determinants that influence health in BMC\"s company area. Download the recent reportto learn more.

Pharmacy Services

Full-service pharmacy services are accessible in the Marketplace (Daly Building, 3rd floor) indigenous 8 to be to 8 pm Monday with Friday, and also 8 am to 6 afternoon on Saturday and also Sunday. Call the BMC pharmacy at 413-794-4929.

Public Announcements

Baystate Medical center is partnering with AmSurg, an ambulatory surgery center management company, to purchase a partial ownership in Pioneer sink Surgicenter located at 3550 key Street, Suite 103, Springfield MA. State regulation calls for that we go through a determination of require process, which is the notice you check out posted. Check out the notice.

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Baystate Medical center received approval native the department of wellness for new construction that a seven-story enhancement for the replacement of seventy-eight medical/surgical beds, the addition of eighteen medical/surgical beds and also thirty crucial care beds, and other ancillary and support service replacements, improvements, and also additions. In addition, the initial DoN approval authorized the building of a new building well-known as the \"Hospital that the Future\" (\"HOF\"). State regulation needs that us go v a decision of require process, which is the notification you check out posted. Review the notice.