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service Updates

Please maintain six feet of distance from various other customers and also site attendants. Please it is in patient; enhanced volumes of waste have actually increased delays at our sites.Collection of construction waste may be delayed to prioritize rubbish collection. 

Wake county Solid garbage Management department manages 11 convenience centers for wake County residents to drop-off your recycling and also trash.


hours of procedure

daily from 7 a.m.–7 p.m.Closed for holidays on new Year"s Day, Memorial Day, independence Day, labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas night (at noon) and also Christmas job

web page

Site 1: 10505 Old phase Road, Raleigh

Site 2: 6120 Old Smithfield Road, Apex

Site 3: 266 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville

Site 4: 3600 Yates Mill Pond Road, Raleigh

Site 5: 8401 battle Bridge Road, Raleigh

Site 6: 3913 Lillie Liles Road, wake up Forest

Site 7: 9024 Deponie Drive, Raleigh

Site 8: 2001 Durham Road/Hwy. 98, wake Forest

Site 9: 3337 brand-new Hill-Holleman Road, brand-new Hill

Site 10: 5216 Knightdale-Eagle absent Road, Knightdale

Site 11: 5051 Wendell Blvd./Business 64, Wendell

trash Pass demands

In an initiative to border misuse, wake up County is requiring occupants who bring their trash in a crate truck, dual-axle or enclosed trailer to request a cost-free Trash Pass prior to arrival. 

The rubbish Pass allows Wake County residents temporary use of the Convenience center when utilizing a box truck, dual-axle or enclosed trailer come dispose of their trash. Wake County residents who lug their garbage in a an individual vehicle, such as a car, SUV, truck, or single-axle trailer do not need a trash pass. Click right here to use for the garbage Pass or see generally asked questions.

Cardboard (clean, flattened, all packing product removed)Clothing and shoesConstruction debris (Sites 1, 2, 4, 7, 10 & 11 only)Electronics (Sites 1, 4 & 11 on but on the weekend only)Food waste (Sites 2, 4, 7, & 8 only)Garbage (household waste and also bulky item under 8 feet long/wide)Mattresses (limit 2 mattresses and also 2 box springs per day per person)Mixed recycling (metal food & drink cans, glass party & jars, mixed record & cartons, plastic bottles, tubs, jugs & jars)Oyster shellsScrap metal (power devices must be drained that gas & oil)
burning or smoldering materialCommercial, industrial, institutional waste, waste native businessesConcrete, bricks, paversInfectious waste, clinical wasteLiquid waste, companies capable of properly getting rid of of this waste have the right to be uncovered in online/phone publication under "Hazardous Materials and Waste Contractors." If the product is not hazardous, please describe the manufacturer"s directions for appropriate disposal proposal

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every open-body vehicles transferring waste should be secured to stop blown and also spilled debris.No person may loiter or rummage about the basic or remove short articles from any type of containers. Violators will be prosecuted.Children & pets must remain in vehicles at every times.